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Media Bus Accident Attorney

The statistics show that buses really are a pretty safe way to travel on the roads. Bus accidents make up only a small percentage of the motor vehicle accidents that occur in Pennsylvania. Of the close to 170,000 motor vehicle accidents that occurred in our state during 2020, only about 5% of them involved either commercial or school buses. Persons injured in bus accidents make up about 7% of those injured in motor vehicle accidents. And bus accidents account for less than 1% of vehicle-related fatalities.

However, the infrequency of bus accidents does not lessen their potential severity. When a bus does get in an accident, the injuries can be serious. Buses have a higher center of gravity than other vehicles and can be prone to rolling over in an accident. Some buses do not have seat belts and persons can be thrown around during the crash impact. School bus accidents are more likely to involve pedestrians due to frequent stops with kids and parents coming and going.

At Dan Doyle Law Group we know that while rare, bus accidents can result in devastating injuries with life-changing consequences. Our bus accident attorneys help clients recover from the injuries they have suffered and the impact made on their lives.

Injuries Experienced from Bus Accidents

The injuries that can occur in bus accidents are similar to injuries that occur in other types of motor vehicle accidents. The extent and severity of injuries will depend on the circumstances of the crash. Buses are designed to keep passengers safe with taller seats to ‘compartmentalize’ passengers to their seating area and for protection in rollover situations. Scrapes and bruises are common in bus accidents but more serious injuries can also result.

Who is Responsible for the Injuries Received in a Bus Accident?

The responsibility for the injuries that occur in a bus accident can include a number of different persons from the driver to the manufacturer of the bus. A thorough investigation into the circumstances of the accident will need to be made to determine the cause and identify the persons or entities that are at fault. Potentially responsible parties include:

  • Bus driver – Was the driver distracted, impaired by a substance, or in violation of the law?
  • Bus driver’s employer – Was a school district or a bus company responsible for hiring the driver?
  • Bus owner – Are the buses owned by someone other than the driver’s employer?
  • Another motorist – Did another motorist contribute to the circumstances that caused the accident?
  • Bus service or maintenance company – Did faulty service or maintenance cause the accident?
  • Bus manufacturer – Did the bus experience an unexpected malfunction?

What to do When You’re Injured in a Bus Accident?

If you’re injured in an accident involving a bus you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries as long as you are no more than 50% responsible for causing the accident. Whether you were a passenger on the bus, a pedestrian or another motorist, you may make a claim to recover from the other parties responsible for causing your injuries.

In making your claim, you can certainly attempt to identify who is responsible for your injuries and deal with their insurance companies and lawyers on your own. But you will save time, frustration and very likely get far better results by working with an experienced bus accident attorney.

The Media, PA bus accident lawyers at Dan Doyle Law Group know how to determine who you should make your claim against, how to investigate and get the information you need to prove your claim, and then negotiate on your behalf so that you receive the best possible recovery from all available sources. Click here and contact us to schedule a free consultation with a bus accident attorney or call us in Media at 610-565-4821.