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Getting help after an accident may be the first thing on your mind, but who do you turn to and will they have the experience you need to resolve your legal issues effectively? With the Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Dan Doyle Law Group, you never have to worry about the answer to this question because we are committed to providing exceptional legal counsel backed by 20 years of experience.

The Impact of Serious Personal Injuries

If you have ever sustained injuries in an accident, you will know all too well that there is no such thing as a minor accident. Although it may be fair to say that your injuries were not life-threatening, there is nothing minor about being unable to work, thereby leaving you and your family without some valuable income. While we can all accept that accidents can happen to even the most careful amongst us, you should not be left out of pocket because of an incident that was not your fault. If you have been nodding along as you read, you are probably very familiar with the effect an accident can have on your life. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney from Dan Doyle Law Group could be your key to recovering the compensation you deserve. You have lived for long enough with the injuries you sustained through no fault of your own, so why not let an experienced personal injury attorney work on your behalf?

Minor Accident

Of course, “accident” is a very generic word and, as such, can be applied to countless scenarios. The good news for those seeking a knowledgeable, esteemed Philadelphia lawyer is that we do not shy away from any type of personal injury accident. Whether your injury occurred as a result of a car accident, bike accident, motorcycle accident, incident on the sport field… we could go on for a long time, but the important message is that our personal injury lawyers are here for you, however your injuries came about.

Depending on the severity of the injuries you sustained, you may now find it difficult to complete tasks which were once considered routine. Perhaps you struggle with completing forms, or have difficulty remembering and recalling information. If you do suffer from these, or any other, issues because of the accident you were involved in, you can rest assured that our personal injury attorney will exercise the care, patience, and genuine desire to help that you need when dealing with your case.

Filling in paperwork, gathering accident reports, and obtaining the necessary documents are just some of the steps your Philadelphia personal injury lawyer will take on your behalf, as we work together to maximize the damages you recover.

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Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney
An Outstanding Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia Can Shoulder the Legal Burden After Your Accident, So You Do Not Have To

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

  • A car accident can have disastrous consequences and, when you have been involved in one, the last thing you want to do is fill in numerous forms for a personal injury claim. At Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia, an experienced personal injury lawyer will take on that burden, meaning you are free to rest, relax and recover from your injuries.
  • Your car accident attorney understands that you need support and commitment, and will demonstrate both as they recover what you deserve.
  • Rather than worrying about how you will pay your mounting medical bills, ongoing treatment, mortgage, bills, and any other financial commitments, speak to us to learn how a Philadelphia attorney can ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.
  • Our legal team each have years of experience tackling even the most complex car accident-related personal injury cases, with some of the situations we regularly encounter including:
Distracting driving is caused by a driver who was reading a text message, answering a WhatsApp call, searching for a toy a child dropped on the floor of the car, or concentrating on anything other than the road ahead and the vehicles around them.

The causes of a car accident can be varied, but your Philadelphia personal injury lawyer’s priority will always be recovering damages on your behalf.

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Loss of Life in an Accident

Tragically, sometimes an accident will result in fatal injuries, leaving you without a loved one and possibly facing financial worries as a consequence. The law relating to wrongful death compensation is strict and clearly lays out exactly who is entitled to claim. If you have lost an immediate family member due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover damages under state wrongful death legislation. A Dan Doyle Law Group personal injury attorney is on hand to deal sensitively and thoroughly with your wrongful death case. If you believe you are eligible to make a claim, call us today to discuss your circumstances.

How to Know When You Have Grounds for a Personal Injury Claim

It is more common than you might think for injury victims to be unsure whether they should reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia for help. This is, in part, because they are unsure whether their injuries are severe enough to warrant legal action. When you are stuck in your hospital bed wondering what is next for your case, consider whether your injuries have had or will have a significant impact on your life. If so, it may be in your best interests to reach out to an attorney for help.

However, you can only win your insurance and civil claims by proving liability. If someone else’s negligence was the cause of your injuries, or you suspect someone else may be at fault, contacting a lawyer for help can help you determine whether you have grounds for a claim. Consulting with a personal injury attorney is free. Do not hesitate to contact our office today to find out whether you have a lawsuit on your hands.

You have suffered enough since your truck accident, it is time to get a dedicated legal professional to fight your corner. Our priority is getting the best possible outcome for you.

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Easy to Get in Touch With and Made Our Options Clear

We were referred to Dan through friends to help our daughter when she ran into difficulty with her landlord after her apartment flooded. Dan was easy to get in touch with, made our options clear, and helped our daughter to...

Heidi H.
Always Prepared and Extremely Knowledgeable

As an attorney, have worked on many cases with Dan. He is always prepared, extremely knowledgeable and obtains excellent results for his clients.

Guy P.
Great To Work With and Had Great Results

Dan had represented me on a few occasions and both times he was great to work with and had great results! Highly recommend!

Jerry B.
An Incredible Friend and Asset to Our Family

Dan Doyle has been an incredible Friend and Asset to our family. He has handled many legal issues for my parents and for myself and he has always delivered positive Results. Dan is an attorney you can trust and is...

Marty B.
Puts His Clients First

Dan is an excellent attorney, who puts his clients first by vigorously representing them no matter what the case.

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Excellent Communication Skills and Very Friendly

We had no idea where to turn after I sustained a likely lifelong injury from an accident. Dan was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Dan has excellent communication skills and explained the intricacies of a claim, the process, the timeframes, and...

Colleen C.
Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

One of the main reasons why you may choose to hire a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia is that you simply cannot face navigating a claim for damages and compensation alone, while also recovering from the injuries you received. By instructing an attorney to work on your behalf after a car accident, motorcycle accident, sports injury, or other incidents, you are free to focus on the most important aspect – your health and recovery. Aside from shouldering the burden of the legal process so you don’t have to, a Philadelphia personal injury attorney can also enable you to reap the benefits of over two decades of legal experience. As no two accidents are the same, never mind the injuries that are caused, a personal injury claim can be very complex to navigate. The legal system does not make allowances for those who have not had a legal education, meaning it is very much in your best interests to get an outstanding lawyer on your side.

There are five main reasons why you will be better off with legal representation from a Dan Doyle Law Group personal injury attorney:

Our in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania personal injury law enables us to efficiently identify the best way to approach your case. Our team is committed to keeping up to date with all changes to the law, so you will receive the best possible representation.
As well as excellent overall legal knowledge, Dan Doyle Law Group attorneys have extensive experience of Philadelphia personal injury claims specifically. This experience can be invaluable when tailoring our approach to suit your circumstances.
We know when an offer is worth accepting. Due to regularly being present in Philadelphia courtrooms, our lawyers can instantly recognize when the offer on the table is the optimal result for you – and when it is possible to do better on your behalf.
A great personal injury attorney has an unbeatable eye for detail and pays meticulous attention to every, single aspect of your case. Only by reviewing all documents and evidence with a fine-toothed comb, can a personal injury attorney be certain they are doing their utmost for you. A Dan Doyle Law Group attorney will always do just that. We pledge to leave nothing on the table during negotiations – everything possible will be channeled into recovering the compensation you deserve.
As you will soon learn when you work with one of our team members, great legal representation involves far more than simply filing a lawsuit on your behalf. As well as providing truly outstanding legal representation, we will ensure you feel supported and benefiting from expert guidance every step of the way.


If you or somebody you care about has been injured due to the negligent or wrongful actions of somebody else contact an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney at the Dan Doyle Law Group today. Our team will step in and investigate every aspect of your claim so we can secure full compensation for your losses. We understand what it takes to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers and at-fault parties to ensure you are treated fairly. You can contact us for a free consultation of your case by filling out our quick contact form or calling at your earliest convenience.