Did you know that it is not only a drunk driver who can be held liable for injuries sustained in a car accident but, in certain circumstances, Pennsylvania’s dram shop and liquor liability laws mean that the bar, or another alcohol-selling establishments, may also carry some of the responsibility? With around one person per hour, on average, losing their life to a drunk driver somewhere in the United States, it is a significant problem, with devastating consequences for numerous people.

While the drunk driver will, of course, be responsible for their own behavior and the decision to take the wheel while intoxicated, dram shop laws prohibit bars, restaurants, and organizers of private functions from serving alcohol to someone who is already visible drunk. While investigating your case, your Philadelphia dram shop and liquor liability attorney may also find that the manager or owner of the establishment in question can be held accountable for the actions of their employee.

Of course, this is all hypothetical, and the only way to accurately identify who is liable in your specific case is to discuss the circumstances with a personal injury attorney. To schedule your initial consultation, call Dan Doyle Law Group today.


Although laws exist enabling us to place some responsibility onto those who sold alcohol to already inebriated drivers, proving this happened can be quite complex. As such, the legal expertise of a Dan Doyle Law Group dram shop and liquor liability attorney could significantly increase your chances of successfully proving that:

Visible intoxication: one of the conditions of recovering dram shop and liquor liability involves proving that the driver was visibly intoxicated at the time of the accident. Slurred speech, difficulty walking, and poor coordination can all be used as evidence for this. Make sure to note down anything you feel may be relevant immediately, as you will soon begin to forget the details.

Link between service and resulting injuries: While it may be easy to prove that the driver was served alcohol, it can be considerably more difficult to provide evidence of this directly contributing to the injuries you sustained.

As you can surely imagine, without any legal expertise it would be almost impossible to prove both of these conditions have been satisfied. Our decades of experience as Philadelphia dram shop and liquor liability attorneys, alongside our commitment to remaining up to date on the most recent legal developments, mean that a Dan Doyle Law group attorney is well-placed to maximize the compensation you recover.


At Dan Doyle Law Group, we pride ourselves on successfully handling the most complex of cases, including wrongful death and dram shop liability. Working on a contingency-fee basis means we only get paid when you recover compensation for your injuries, so you can rest assured that your best interests are also ours.

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