While buses are, statistically, one of the safest modes of road transportation, when an accident does occur, the consequences can be devastating. While the passengers on the bus may be statistically safer, the lack of seat belts or other restraints in the majority of buses means that they could be very seriously injured should the bus collide with another vehicle. The increased risk of injury is not limited to those on board the bus either – the results of a large bus smashing into a standard car can be unthinkable, never mind the likely outcome of a bus striking a pedestrian. While we do not believe that people should live their lives in fear of what may happen, we do feel strongly about victims of Philadelphia bus accidents being able to easily recover the compensation they deserve.

If you have been injured in a bus accident in or near Philadelphia, or have lost a loved one in similar circumstances, a Dan Doyle Law Group Philadelphia bus accident attorney could provide the support, guidance, and legal representation you need. To discuss your case with a legal expert, call us today.

Know Your Legal Rights after a Philadelphia Bus Accident

When you have been seriously injured in a bus accident, your legal rights are probably not top of your list of concerns. It is more likely that you are worried about being unable to work and, therefore, not bringing in any income. Whether you live alone or are responsible for financially supporting a family, most of us cannot simply do without our wages – after all, very few people go to work every day just for the love of the job. Add to this the pain of your physical injuries, and the emotional turmoil and distress you may be experiencing below the surface, and you have more than enough to deal with.

While you do not have to involve a Philadelphia bus accident lawyer in your case, there are plenty of reasons why it is strongly recommended. For one, we have the legal expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the Pennsylvania legal system, and to maximize your chances of recovering the damages you are entitled to. We can also put our skills and experience to good use by liaising with insurance companies, saving you the stress and hassle of trying to fight your own corner, only to have your claim minimized or rejected.

To add to the general insurance company woes you can encounter after any accident, if the bus involved in your case was a local public transit or school bus, you could have even more layers of bureaucracy to deal with, in the form of the government agency operating the service.

Through instructing a Dan Doyle Law Group Philadelphia bus accident attorney to handle your bus accident case, you will free yourself up to concentrate on the important tasks of recovering and moving on with your life.

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