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Reasons a Victim Might Lose a Premises Liability Case

Dec 14, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupPersonal Injury, Premises Liability

Premises liability refers to the legal responsibility of property owners or occupiers to ensure that their premises are safe for those who are legally on the property. This can include visitors, tenants, or invitees. If someone is injured on a property and believes the property owner or occupier is at fault, they may file a […]


How to Build an Inadequate Security Accident Case in Pennsylvania

Nov 16, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupPersonal Injury, Premises Liability

Proving that an establishment had inadequate security can be a crucial factor in a claim or lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania. If you have been the victim of a crime on the premises of an establishment, you may be able to hold the establishment liable if it can be shown that they did not […]


Tips for Avoiding Accidents This Holiday Season

Sep 14, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupCar Accident

The holiday season has begun. While this should be a happy time of year, it’s important for motorists and pedestrians to know that fatal auto accidents and pedestrian accidents are more common during the holidays. This is confirmed by data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There are several reasons accidents happen more frequently […]


Tips to Avoid Being Hurt In A DUI Accident

Aug 17, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupDrunk Driving Accident

Like virtually all motorists in the United States, you probably don’t need to be told that operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated puts both your life and the lives of others at risk. Thus, you responsibly take steps to avoid causing an accident by making sure you never drive drunk. However, even if you’re a […]


3 Essential Safety Tips For Student Athletes

Jul 14, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupSports Injury

As a new academic year begins, high school and college athletes across the nation are preparing to represent their schools on the field, track, and more. It’s important that they take steps to guard against harm when participating in sports. As rewarding as being on a school team can be, it can also put one […]


Limitations to Premises Liability Cases

Jun 17, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupPremises Liability

Whether you’re visiting the home of a friend or relative, a business, a public park, or virtually any other property other than your own, you should not have to worry about being injured in an accident that could have been prevented. There are instances when accidents occur due to factors outside of anyone’s control. However, […]


Suing a Gym for Negligence: What You Need to Know

May 18, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupPersonal Injury

Your goal when signing up for a gym or fitness club membership is to improve your health. However, going to the gym can have negative health consequences if you sustain an injury while on the premises. This will hopefully never happen to you. If it does, though, you may be wondering whether you have grounds […]


Potential Liable Parties When Car Accidents Occur

Apr 13, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupCar Accident

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state in regard to car accidents. In Pennsylvania, you will usually seek compensation for your medical bills and other such losses after a car accident by filing a claim to collect from your own insurance, even if your accident was the result of someone else’s carelessness. That said, if your injuries […]


Why You Can Afford a Personal Injury Attorney

Mar 15, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupPersonal Injury

If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence in Philadelphia or the nearby areas, you may be able to file an insurance claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for such losses as your medical bills. Hiring a Philadelphia personal injury attorney can optimize your chances of recovering what you may be owed. […]



Feb 16, 2022Dan Doyle Law GroupBrain Injury

By now, we have all heard the tragic story of Bob Saget somehow hitting his head before lying down in a hotel room and dying from a traumatic brain injury. In February, the Full House star’s family filed a lawsuit in Florida to block the sheriff and medical examiner from releasing records, including photographs, related […]