2 Catastrophic Injuries You May Sustain In A Truck Accident

Many motorists in Delaware and Chester counties take for granted their health, lives and vehicles until they end up in truck accidents. Commercial vehicles are significantly larger than passenger cars, and the potential for serious injuries, loss of life and extensive property damage is high. Although you may have never been involved in one before, they are serious events you should not make light of.

There are many factors that lead to truck accidents. Some of them include driver inexperience, mechanical issues, trucker fatigue and driver behavior. To better understand the dangers you face when on the roads with truckers, review the following information about two types of truck accident injuries.


Some truck accidents cause extensive damage to fuel tanks, which can lead to fires and explosions. Victims often suffer second- and third-degree burns and disfigurement when the fuel tanks of commercial vehicles catch on fire. Burn victims often face challenging recoveries, disfigurement and loss of normal nerve function.

Traumatic brain trauma

Accidents that involve trucks slamming into the back of passenger vehicles create enough force to slam the brains of victims against their skulls. This forceful movement often causes severe bruising to the brain that can cause swelling, bleeding and other damage. The signs of traumatic brain injury are not always immediately obvious in truck and car accidents; sometimes the only symptoms are nausea, confusion, memory-loss and diminished cognitive function. It is important for you to get a medical evaluation right after an accident.

Trucks and commercial vehicles are so large in comparison to passenger cars that the risk of severe injury to any area of your body is high. Besides broken bones, internal bleeding and brain injury, there is also the possibility the trauma you experience prevents you from working and engaging in your normal daily activities.

If you ever find yourself in a collision that involves a commercial vehicle, one of the first things you should do is get medical care. Even if you feel fine, you need to rule out the presence of internal injuries and less obvious trauma that can have a major impact on your health.