4 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Lyft Accidents In Pennsylvania

Lyft is often described as “same as Uber, but cheaper.” And while there are many similarities and differences between Uber and Lyft, these two ridesharing companies are long-time competitors in Pennsylvania and all across the United States.

The ridesharing business is booming more than ever before, and contrary to the popular belief, the popularity of Uber and Lyft has actually helped reduce the number of DUI accidents all across the country. In the modern world, impaired and intoxicated people are more likely to order a Lyft ride than get behind the wheel of their vehicle.

But in no way does it mean that Lyft accidents do not occur. They do. And unfortunately, most people in Philadelphia and all across Pennsylvania have no clue about how car crashes involving Lyft and Uber should be handled. “A Lyft accident is no regular car accident, as Lyft itself may be held liable for your injuries and damages,” explains our Philadelphia Lyft accident lawyer from the Dan Doyle Law Group.

Lyft’s insurance coverage issues

Lyft does provide insurance coverage in the event of car accidents involving a driver who works for Lyft, but getting the ridesharing company to take responsibility for the accident or access this coverage is no easy task.

Just because you were injured in a Lyft car does not necessarily mean that you will be able to hold Lyft liable for the accident and recover damages. Unfortunately, it does not work this way. Unless you are represented by an experienced Lyft accident attorney in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, recovering compensation will be more difficult and exhausting than you think.

Lyft’s insurers do not care about you

Lyft hires some of the best lawyers in Pennsylvania and employs hawkish insurers who aggressively and stubbornly represent the ridesharing company’s best interests by helping it escape liability, defend it in the event of car crashes involving Lyft vehicles, and minimize the value of settlements and verdicts for the victims.

All Lyft’s insurance companies care about is their company’s interests, and have little to no interest in helping you recover compensation for your injuries and damages.

You do not have to give a recorded statement

There is no law that would require victims of Lyft accidents give recorded statements to claims adjusters. If you do not wish to give a recorded statement, no one can force you to speak to Lyft’s insurance company before you get to consult with our experienced Philadelphia attorney. Even if they tell you that giving a recorded statement will help you recover damages faster, do not believe them. Giving a recorded statement is a slippery slope, as everything you say in it will be used against you to leave you with minimum or no compensation.

Do you need an attorney to recover damages?

You do. As we have mentioned earlier, a Lyft accident is no regular car accident, as it involves a multi-billion dollar company that could potentially be held liable for your injuries and damages. Your Philadelphia Lyft accident attorney will protect you from the low-ball settlement offers and dishonest tactics employed by insurance companies to discredit personal injury claims to protect the interests of Lyft.

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