5 Safety Tips To Avoid Personal Injury At A Philadelphia Water Park (And How The Owner May Be Held Liable)

For many residents of Pennsylvania, water parks are the go-to destination in summer, and it makes sense why. You get to sip on a cocktail while watching your child play in the water. But so many things could go wrong during your stay at a water park in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

That is because there are many potential hazards at water parks, which can leave you injured or even kill you if you do not exercise a reasonable degree of care and prudence. But you are not the only one who can be responsible for your personal injury accident at a water park, as the owner of the park may have been negligent in maintaining and inspecting the premises and/or supervising the visitors.

Regardless of what water park you prefer in Pennsylvania – be it Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains, Montage Mountain, Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, or any other – you should be aware of the risks and hazards that exist within its premises.

“There are many potential hazards that may injure you, and it goes well beyond drowning or a slip and fall accident,” explains our Philadelphia premises liability lawyer at the Dan Doyle Law Group. “We have outlined 5 safety tips that will help you and your family stay safe the next time you visit a water park.”

Stay hydrated: Many people in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania underestimate the importance of drinking water (not alcohol beverages or drinks containing nothing but sugar and artificial sweeteners) when spending several hours at a beach or water park. It is not uncommon for visitors of water parks to become dehydrated from all the swimming and basking in the sun. While it is usually strictly your responsibility to ensure that you and your family members stay hydrated at a water park, it may be possible to hold the owner of the premises liable for your injuries caused by dehydration if no drinking water was sold at the premises or in the reasonable vicinity. However, to pull off a legal case like that you would need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Protect yourself from the sun: Do not forget to apply a sunscreen, preferably a waterproof one, and make sure that the rest of your family members follow suit. Also, it would be a good idea to wear sunglasses and a hat, especially if you are planning to spend many hours at the water park.

Watch where you step, do not run, and keep your alcohol intake under control: Surfaces at water parks are usually extremely slippery and wet, which increases the risk of a slip and fall accident tenfold. While you may be able to hold the water park owner liable for failing to maintain the premises in a reasonable manner and failure to eliminate all dangerous conditions, it is a good idea to watch where you step, avoid running, and limit your alcohol intake to a minimum. Besides, the worst thing you can do is get in the water intoxicated.

Watch your children all the time: If you go to a water park with your children, you should keep your eyes on them all the time, especially when they are in the water. While there are lifeguards at water parks whose job is to rescue people and children from drowning, it does not mean that you can allow yourself to limit vigilance in parental supervision. However, if a drowning accident does occur and you or your child is injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation if your Philadelphia personal injury attorney can establish that the lifeguard or any other party employed by the water part owner was negligent or reckless.

Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to all warnings, rules, age restrictions, as well as other instructions and restrictions posted at the water park to protect yourself and your family members from potential hazards and stay safe.

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