9 Things To Avoid After A Truck Accident To Successfully Recover Damages

After a truck accident, there are certain things you should do, such as taking pictures at the scene of the crash and collecting contact information from the witnesses, in order to strengthen your legal case. But what many victims of truck accidents in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania do not realize is that there are certain things you should avoid doing after an accident in order to increase your chances of recovering compensation.

“What many people do not know is that even if a truck accident was not your fault, there are certain things people do that make the process of recovering damages more difficult,” explains our Philadelphia truck accident lawyer from the Dan Doyle Law Group.

Do your best to avoid making the following mistakes after a truck accident if you want to protect your legal rights and maximize the value of your personal injury case:

  1. Not calling the police: Failing to contact the cops after a truck accident is the first mistake that can prevent you from successfully recovering compensation for your injuries and damages. Without a police report, the at-fault party may attempt to escape liability by shifting the blame onto you or even claiming that the collision never occurred or that he or she had nothing to do with it.
  2. Talking about the truck accident: Never say anything about your accident or injuries unless you are speaking to your experienced truck accident attorney in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, your primary treating physician, or the police. Always think twice before saying anything as you may accidentally and unintentionally say things that will make it sound as if you are admitting fault. Avoid making statements that make you sound guilty or sorry.
  3. Not seeking medical attention: Immediately after a truck accident, these are the three numbers you need to dial up: the police, your attorney, and the paramedics. Failure to seek medical treatment after an accident can put both your health and claim in jeopardy. If you do not seek medical attention immediately, the at-fault party or its insurance company will argue that your injuries were not serious enough in a bid to invalidate your claim or minimize the value of your compensation.
  4. Not calling an attorney: There are many things a truck accident lawyer can help you with, including but not limited to investigating your case, collecting sufficient evidence, establishing fault, and preserving evidence. Many trucking companies may attempt to tamper with or destroy evidence, while your attorney will take all necessary steps to preserve that evidence.
  5. Speaking to the trucking company without your attorney: In Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, trucking companies are represented by the best defense attorneys in the state. And you can be sure that these defense attorneys will do whatever it takes to get their clients off the hook. More often than not, trucking companies employ unfair tactics to avoid or minimize their liability, which is why you should never speak to their representatives in the absence of your Philadelphia truck accident attorney.
  6. Speaking to insurance companies without your lawyer: Insurance companies are never truly on your side, which is why there is always a risk that you may say something that will be used against you in litigation.
  7. Accepting a settlement without consulting with your attorney: Only an experienced lawyer can calculate the full value of your truck accident claim and determine whether or not the settlement you are being offered is fair and covers all of the damages associated with your injuries.
  8. Not following your doctor’s orders: If you fail to follow your doctor’s orders or treatment plan, not only can you put your recovery in jeopardy but also give the defendants a yet another reason to argue that your injuries were not serious enough.
  9. Posting on social media: As bizarre as it may sound, your social media accounts are being actively monitored by the insurance company and the at-fault party’s lawyers in order to evaluate the extent of your injuries and find at least some kind of evidence to invalidate your claim.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to turn the legal battle for your compensation more difficult. Get in touch with our attorneys at the Dan Doyle Law Group to get the best legal representation for your particular case. Call at 215-987-3730 or complete this contact form to get a free consultation.