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Category: Bus Accident

What To Do In A Bus Accident

Apr 27, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

When you have to rely on public transportation, you are instilling a lot of trust in a stranger to drive you around. You are also instilling a lot of trust in the vessel carrying you from place to place is well maintained. Our Bus accident lawyers in Philadelphia at Dan Doyle Law Group aren’t trying […]


Pennsylvania School Buses to Get Stop Arm Cameras

Jan 12, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

Illegal passing of school buses can lead to some horrific, nightmarish accidents when unsuspecting children are boarding or loading the bus. With the passage of SB 1098, the state of Pennsylvania is looking to curtail the practice of illegally passing school buses by recording drivers who do it. The bill calls for the installation of […]


School Bus Kills Pedestrian In Port Richmond

Nov 30, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Last week, a school bus in the Port Richmond section struck and killed a man. The 30-year-old was struck by the bus at Allegheny and Aramingo avenues. He was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries shortly after. Police are still unclear about how the accident happened and no arrests have been made. […]


Bus Driver Admits He Fell Asleep In Fatal Crash

Nov 2, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

When you head out for the day, we know you are not thinking about the possibility of getting hurt. You do everything you can, especially when you are driving, to be safe. Unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of the other people around you. There are times when other drivers’ negligence can cause you harm. […]


Dozens Of Students Hospitalized In Bus Crash

Oct 26, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

We want to bring you a story from Butler County because it highlights the need for safety when it comes to our buses – particularly our school buses. You may have seen the story. A few weeks ago, a school bus was traveling westbound in a construction zone on Route 228 when the right side […]


Eighth Grade Boy Dies After Being Hit By SEPTA Bus

Oct 20, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

The boy had just gotten out of school and was outside playing. A friend was chasing him. Maybe they were playing tag, maybe some other game. That is what kids do when they get out of school. Except this 12-year-old boy was hit and killed by a SEPTA bus in Philadelphia’s Frankford neighborhood after he […]


So You’ve Decided to Sue After Your Bus Accident

Aug 3, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Many people take public transportation to work or school everyday. Whether it be the train or maybe the bus. It’s unfortunate that bus accidents happen everyday. Being in a bus accident can be extremely scary.. When you ride a bus, you trust that the driver will operate it safely. However, they could’ve been acting recklessly, […]


Recovering Damages After A Bus Accidents Depending On The Type Of Bus

Jun 29, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Here is a little secret for you – the secret even rookie lawyers do not know about – after a bus accident, your legal strategy to recover compensation depends on the type of the bus you were injured in/by. “Wait, aren’t they all the same?” you may be wondering. Certainly, they all look very similar […]


Why Bus Accidents Are Actually More Catastrophic Than Passenger Car Accidents

May 18, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

For some residents of Philadelphia, a bus is the only means of transportation to get to work and then return home. Others, meanwhile, resort to buses very rarely because they have their own car. But either way, bus accidents can be much more destructive and catastrophic than accidents involving passenger cars. Bizarrely, these two groups […]