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Category: Dram Shop and Liquor Liability

Parents of Slain Temple Student Sue Pub Webb, Alleging Bar Violated the Dram Shop Rule

Nov 17, 2021Dan Doyle Law Group

In 2017, Jenna Burleigh, a student at Temple University, met former student Joshua Hupperterz at the bar Pub Webb. The two had drinks, both became intoxicated. Later that night, at Joshua’s nearby apartment, he strangled and killed Jenna. After Joshua was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2019, Jenna’s parents sued Pub Webb […]


Drunk Driver Crashes Into Four High School Students in Philadelphia – Could The Store That Sold The Alcohol Be At Fault?

Jun 22, 2021Dan Doyle Law Group

Drunk driving is the number one leading cause of death on the road. At Dan Doyle Law Group we are dedicated to proving that the owner of the alcohol-selling establishment is also responsible. Our Philadelphia dram shop and liquor liability attorneys want to discuss a recent drunk driving accident that injured four young girls after […]


Bars Linked To Car Fatality

Feb 16, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

Drinking is America’s favorite past time. Every year, Americans spend around $276 billion on drinking, smoking, and taking drugs. Between Millennials and Baby Boomers, alcohol is the top purchase. Even though Baby Boomers buy wine in greater volume, Millennials are large on buying beer and spirits. It was suggested that if you are a social […]


Can You Sue Third Parties Who Contributed To The Drunk Driver Who Hit Me?

Dec 21, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

It is no surprise that drunk driving is still happening even though the ability to get an Uber, Lyft or taxi is as easy as ever. We all have these little devices with apps in our pockets, yet people still choose to drink and drive. The problem with drunk driving, other than the obvious, is […]


Dram Shop And Liquor Laws Are On Your Side

Sep 15, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Just like you, I had to look up the definition of “dram shop”. It is another name for a tavern, bar, or some kind of establishment where alcoholic drinks are sold. It sounds way cooler than just a “bar” and it’s also the name of a law that is on your side. If you or […]


Pennsylvania Dram Shop And Liquor Liability Law: What Makes It So Confusing?

Aug 4, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

If you think proving that the car driver who injured you in a DUI accident was over-served alcohol at a bar you two attended will be easy, think again. Yes, Pennsylvania’s dram shop and liquor liability law has made it possible to hold drinking establishments responsible for over-serving alcohol beverages to visibly intoxicated patrons, but […]


Establishing Dram Shop And Liquor Liability In Pennsylvania: Do You Really Need Witnesses?

Jun 30, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Personal injury claims involving allegations of alcohol intoxications can be very complicated and difficult to litigate, which is why lawmakers dedicated a separate chapter of legislation to handle the so-called dram shop liability claims. Our Philadelphia dram shop and liquor liability lawyer at the Dan Doyle Law Group explains that such claims require careful analysis […]