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Category: Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death At Local Philadelphia Plant Leads To Lawsuit

Oct 12, 2020Dan Doyle Law Group

Wrongful death is a great tragedy for everyone involved. Losing a loved one due to someone’s negligence and incompetence when it could have been completely avoided only compounds the loss as well as the financial burdens that go with it. At Dan Doyle Law Group, our wrongful death lawyers in Philadelphia,PA want to discuss a […]


Who Is To Blame For The Elderly Dying?

Apr 13, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

Our wrongful death attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group want to inform that death any age is traumatic for the family members. Just because your grandmother of 90 passes away due to negligence does not mean that her death does not matter any less than a younger person’s death. Life is life. Our wrongful death […]


Herbal Supplements Cause Death

Mar 29, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

In order to lead a healthy life, you are told to take vitamins alongside eating healthy foods. The health craze in America leads to advertising drugs and herbal supplements that haven’t been verified by government agencies or doctors. However, because we do not have laws that prevent such supplements finding their way to online stores […]


Celebrities Are Susceptible To Wrongful Death

Mar 15, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

It is easy to believe that if you have the money then you can have access to the best of everything. If you are a national celebrity then you get to have access to everything like a better seat on the plane, automatic seat in the busiest restaurant, ability to buy anything or rent anything […]


Judge Expected To Rule In Wrongful Death Case

Feb 2, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

A Pennsylvania judge is getting ready to make a decision about whether or not to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a woman who lost her husband. The case started when Anthony Cantafio was working as a volunteer for football games in the Valley View School District. Cantafio was a statistician and was working on the […]


Distracted Driving Can Lead To Wrongful Deaths

Sep 14, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

This is the call you never want to get. It’s the piercing ring that you just know nothing good is going to happen if you answer. It’s a call from an unknown local number, but you know that you have to answer it. You know it isn’t a scam. It’s the call in the middle […]


How To Determine If Your Loved One’s Death Was Wrongful

Aug 25, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

When you suffer the loss of a loved one your world is turned upside down. It doesn’t matter how young or old your loved one was, not being able to talk to them, hug them, kiss them or eat a meal with them anymore can be devastating. What makes this an even more upsetting situation […]


The Case Of A Food Truck Explosion And Wrongful Death

Jul 20, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

In 2014, a propane tank exploded inside of a food truck. The explosion killed two people, severely burned three, and injured more. It was found that the propane tanks that were regularly filled were outdated, something that should have been noticed and rectified. The subsequent civil cases filed against the company that filled the tanks […]


Key Factors Of A Wrongful Death Case

Sep 1, 2017Dan Doyle Law Group

When you lose someone due to the negligent acts of another individual or entity, it can be devastating. Thankfully, there are options available to make the responsible party pay. If you are considering a wrongful death case, you want to be fully knowledgeable so that you may reach the best outcome. There are a few […]