Delayed Health Woes Could Signal Serious Car Crash Injuries

You may have been involved in a minor car crash, such as a rear-end collision, from which you walked away, more annoyed than anything else.

You did not bother to seek medical treatment at the time because you felt fine, except for a sore neck. Now, four days later, you are having headaches along with some lower back pain. Is there a connection to that rear-end collision?

Different reactions

A personal injury attorney will tell you that delayed symptoms are often the result of a car accident, especially those that are relatively minor. At the time of the crash, the victim might be more concerned about the damage to his or her vehicle than any significant health problems. However, any unusual symptoms that develop in the coming days could indicate unseen injuries and should not be ignored.

Delayed symptoms

Headaches might be a sign of a concussion or even a traumatic brain injury and should not be brushed off. The same applies to a whiplash, which might require an MRI or CT scan for an accurate diagnosis. Whiplash can also cause numbness in your arms or hands because of damage to your spinal column or neck. As to your lower back pain, this might be an indication of muscle or ligament injury. There is even the possibility of vertebrae damage. You would not be alone: Back pain is reported by victims in over half of all rear-end collision. Another lingering problem is PTSD, something you might not think about in relation to a car crash. However, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is quite common following an accident. You may experience flashbacks to the event and even have bad dreams about it. Children are also very susceptible to PTSD.

Seeking help

Do not assume that your symptoms will fade away on their own. No matter how minor the car crash, you should seek medical help, even if a few days have passed. A medical evaluation that links your injuries to the crash will be important for insurance purposes, but the most important objective is keeping you as healthy as possible in the days, weeks and months to come.