Distracted Driving Can Lead To Wrongful Deaths

This is the call you never want to get. It’s the piercing ring that you just know nothing good is going to happen if you answer. It’s a call from an unknown local number, but you know that you have to answer it. You know it isn’t a scam. It’s the call in the middle of the day or night from a police officer asking if you know the name of your loved one. The officer explains that there was a fatal accident and they need you to confirm if this is, in fact, your loved one. The death of your loved one was not their fault. They were doing what they were supposed to do like 56-year- old woman who was struck while walking a crosswalk due to a distracted driver. The distracted driver was said to be texting and driving when they struck a car which then struck the pedestrian and caused her death.

Texting and driving is a very common habit, unfortunately. This kind of behavior interrupts a driver’s vision from staying on the road, the ability to control the steering wheel, and takes the focus away from driving. It is said that at least 9 people are killed every day due to distracted driving and more than 1,000 people are injured every day. The scarier part is that in 2015 42% of teenagers admitted to texting while driving. Imagine what the statistics are now?

How Can We Help You?

Wrongful Death attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia are here to help you get through that phone call. We understand the sensitivity of this topic and are very empathetic to your situation. For over 20 years we have been serving the Philadelphia area. We believe in keeping our community safe but representing them like they are family. With specialties in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, we know that this kind of trauma affects every part of your life. We want to support you the whole way. Give us a call at 215-987-3730 or click here for a free consultation.

A wrongful death is a death caused due to the gross negligence of another party. When someone texts while driving they are not taking their duty as a driver seriously. Depending on the circumstance of the accident, it can be argued that a distracted driver is exhibiting gross negligence. Let us get justice for your loved one and start this claim for you today.

Other Kinds of Wrongful Deaths

At Dan Doyle Law Group we believe in supporting our clients from beginning to end. This is why we provide a free consultation to get to know your story in order to offer you the best legal counsel.  With expertise in personal injury and wrongful death, here are a few other circumstances that may better fit your situation: drunk driving accidents, texting and driving crashes, collisions due to distracted driving, fatalities due to defective products, fatalities due to the hazardous workplace, and accidents due to poorly maintained properties.

If we can spot negligence in your story then there is a good chance that you have a case. Let our legal expertise help guide through this path to justice. Give us a call at 215-987-3730 or click here for a free consultation.