Do You Have Ongoing Health Issues From A Low-Impact Crash?

Picture this: You’re driving home from work when suddenly you are rear-ended while stopped at a light. The impact does not seem significant, nor do your injuries, but you’ve actually experienced whiplash. Over time, this seemingly minor damage becomes a major medical issue for you.

The problem is that even if it happens at a very slow speed, a collision can cause invisible soft tissue injuries, which might be quite serious. Seeking immediate medical attention after a low-speed crash is important not only in terms of health, but also because any delay might adversely affect your claim for financial compensation.

Low-speed injuries

When you are the victim of a low-speed, rear-end collision, your body takes the hit, which can cause your neck to snap back and forth. Afterwards, your neck will probably feel stiff and sore. Worse, underlying problems could include soft tissue injuries such as torn ligaments as well as herniated or protruding disks. One of the most severe results of a soft tissue problem is a traumatic brain injury.

In addition, as time goes on and a soft tissue injury heals, it might irritate or disrupt the nerves, and you could experience ongoing discomfort. You might also be subject to continuing muscle spasms, joint or back pain. If your spine takes the brunt of the impact, a narrowing of the space between disks or an actual curvature of the spine could result.

Proving a soft tissue injury

Many soft tissue injuries do not show immediate or obvious symptoms. Without objective evidence, their existence is sometimes difficult to prove. An insurance adjuster may try to deny your claim. This is where an experienced personal injury attorney can be a valuable ally and advocate on your behalf.

You can help by making sure you visit a doctor immediately after a low-impact crash. A timely medical report will provide the important causal link between your injuries and the accident. Not only can doctors detect invisible injuries and offer treatment in a timely fashion, you will improve your chances of receiving a full and fair settlement for the harm you suffered because of a slow-speed rear-end accident.