Drunk Driving in 2019 Is STILL A thing

There are so many options for people to not drive after they have had a few drinks. Not only are there local taxi agencies that drive around with very easy phone numbers to remember, but you also have Uber or Lyft to choose from on your phone. Many of these online services provide a first-time free ride. Then, there is also public transit. Philadelphia is well equipped with public transit that can cost as much as a few dollars and as low as free. That means that there are areas where people don’t have to pay to use public transportation. With all these options you would think that drunk driving would not be such an issue today. However, it still is and you have to be just as careful if you are driving at night or walking around town.

Drunk Driving Multiple Times

People who have a drinking problem are not deterred from drinking tickets. They aren’t deterred from a suspended license. A person who wants to drink and drive will find a way to drink and drive. As silly as that may sound think about your average person at the bar. They will have a few drinks and then get on the road. There are people who say that they are fine to drive because they only have a slight buzz from drinking. The truth is driving while buzzed is still the same as driving drunk. Your sight is impaired, your judgment impaired as well as your reaction time.

However, some people just won’t listen and they end up hurting the people closest to them. This is the case for 22-year-old Brooke Molnar who has to plead guilty to a felony charge for driving without a license. In April 207, Molnar was driving drunk with a friend. She crashed into two telephone poles flipping the car which seriously injured the passenger. The passenger required months of hospitalization. During the April crash, Molnar shouldn’t have been driving because her license was suspended due to 9 prior convictions. But that didn’t stop Molnar getting drunk and riding with other drunk people.

Just three months after getting in trouble for that car accident, Molnar drank and rode with other people. There were four people in the car when they got into an accident. Molnar was the only survivor. Admittedly, the car accidents were not hitting other people, but that could have totally been the story.

What To Do

If you have been injured in an accident due to a drunk driver then you are not alone. There are other people like you who have had to suffer the consequences of some one’s poor decision. Our drunk driving attorney at Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia is ready to represent you. Drunk driving is illegal. You deserve compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Call 215-987-3730 or click here to speak with our professional legal team today. We are ready to work for you.