DUI Destruction

Accidents are the worst. They happen so unexpectedly and the consequences can be heartbreaking.  This is true, especially for DUI accidents. Driving Under the Influence is a huge problem in the United States. In 2016, alcohol-impaired driving accounted for about 28% of car-related deaths in the US. Of those accidents, around 1,230 children between the ages of 0-14 died. There were over 1 million arrests for driving under the influence of drugs or narcotics. These particular kinds of areas are more likely to happen in congested areas like cities, like our home of Philadelphia.

A few years ago, a drunk driver in a truck pulled right in front of a motorcyclist who had the right of way. Thus, resulting in his death. The deceased was a Philadelphia School Police Officer and a father of two children. The drunk driver was charged with homicide by vehicle, aggravated assault, reckless driving, and driving under the influence. This devastating situation left a man without a life and two children without a father. This kind of atrocity is felt by all, not just the one who died.

If you reading this blog and you know it relates to you, please take the time to reach out to our offices. Our drunk driving attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia understand that your story is more than just a news report. It is a real narrative with real loss. We want you to find justice in this unjust situation.

What Do I Do Now?

Our Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia are fully equipped to handle your situation. We believe that you should be compensated for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and any debt incurred during your recovery from the injury. If your loved one has died due to the accident we can also claim Wrongful Death.  In this situation, you will be act as a representation of your loved one and we will proceed to sue for medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

We also exercise the dram shop and liquor liability law that states that businesses that sell alcohol can be charged for serving alcohol to an already intoxicated person.  Your drunk driver may not be the only one responsible for this situation. Without an investigative team, we can see where he drank his alcohol and see if those establishments can be held accountable for contributing to the drunk person’s actions. In very special circumstances, we can look to a social host who provided the alcohol too. We call these relationships “partial liabilities”. This adds to the complexity of the case, but with the right legal term, we can get you the compensation that you need during this time of your life.

Our Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia are very aware of the severity of injuries that come with accidents. From broken bones to brain injuries, we are here for you no matter how severe. For a free consultation call us  215-987-3730 or click here. We look forward to helping you.