Limousine Crash That Kills 20 Reveals Pennsylvania Shortfalls

The tragic limousine accident that killed all of its passengers and some pedestrians nearby has highlighted a lack of oversite in New York over limousine company operations.

But it is also causing us to look more closely at regulations here in Pennsylvania, and not only just for limousines, but for taxi cabs and ridesharing services as well.

Did you know that recent regulation, called Act 164, bans the practice of inspecting taxicabs once every six months? Now inspections happen every four years. Taxi cabs are now just about as regulated as much as ridesharing service vehicles – almost never.

When it comes to limousines in Pennsylvania, the state House recently passed House Bill 2473 which will cut limousine regulatory funding.

It seems that we are working towards zero enforcement when it comes to transportation services in this state. How soon until it is 20 Pennsylvania citizens who are killed in a single accident?

The Problem

Government regulates these industries for a reason. We cannot count on companies or individuals to self-regulate. If given the option of spending more or spending less on regular maintenance, companies and individuals will almost always take the route that puts more money in their own pockets.

We know that most taxi rides, ridesharing ride, and limousine rides are safe, but for how long?

Regular vehicle inspection and maintenance helps to ensure that our citizens are getting into a safe vehicle. By willfully putting off inspections and maintenance, companies and drivers are choosing profit over safety. In our opinion, this is negligent behavior.

Driver Responsibility

Another major concern on the roadways is how responsible transportation drivers are. More and more, we are seeing that drivers are distracted by their phones or other devices when they should be watching the road. Sending a text message or watching a video is not okay, especially when a driver has other people’s lives in their hands.

Drivers should also never operate while impaired by any substance. When they do this, they are a danger to everyone on or around the roadway, from other drivers to cyclists and pedestrians.

What You Can Do

With the government requiring less and less of transportation companies, who is to blame when an accident happens?

The driver?

The company?

The state government?

If you have been in a vehicle accident with any of the following, we urge you to seek legal assistance:

At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we will work with you to uncover the truth of what happened. If a driver or company was negligent in their duties and it caused you harm, we will help you hold them accountable. This means getting you compensation for your accident-related expenses, from medical costs and lost income to pain and suffering damages.

And yes, if we have to, we will question our state government about why they have allowed regulations to fall away.

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