So You’ve Decided to Sue After Your Bus Accident

Many people take public transportation to work or school everyday. Whether it be the train or maybe the bus. It’s unfortunate that bus accidents happen everyday. Being in a bus accident can be extremely scary.. When you ride a bus, you trust that the driver will operate it safely. However, they could’ve been acting recklessly, causing you and even ones around you, injury. When you’re involved in a bus accident, you need to know how the common carrier law is in effect. There are rules and laws surrounded on suing entities that provide public transport. You’ll also need to know sufficient pieces of evidence you should bring to court in order to increase your chances of winning the case.

Common Carrier Law

The common carrier law simply means law surrounding the people/business that provide public transportation. This generally includes school buses, public buses, trolleys, taxis, and trains. An example of this would be Greyhound or First Student. These public transportation companies owe a higher degree of care than the average driver. This means they need to be extra cautious when dealing with others or people they may come across on the road. However, if you are injured in a bus accident, you still need to be able to prove negligence. For example, the bus driver makes and sudden stop because a pedestrian walked out in front of the bus and you fall and get injured. If they were driving a safe speed and following traffic laws then you likely wouldn’t have a case to sue because the driver wasn’t being negligent. Nonetheless, if a bus driver was speeding during a snowstorm and it caused you to fall and sustain injury, then you would likely have a case because the driver was being negligent. Another example would be if a bus driver hit a pedestrian while speeding verses if the pedestrian darted out in front of the bus while they were driving a safe speed.

Evidence in Public Transportation Cases

There are several pieces of evidence that would likely help your case in court. One would be having an eye witness testimony. An example of this would be a fellow passenger on the bus with you testifying that they saw the driver texting on their phone while driving, proving negligence. An expert witness testimony would also be a crucial piece of evidence. This would be something like a bone specialist who can show how the bus driver’s negligence caused you to break your leg. Another piece of evidence that would suffice is photographs. For example, if you come to court with a picture showing no warning signs for the doors closing inward and they hit and injured you, you may have a stronger case. Negligence per sue would be something along the lines of the bus company not following regulations like not having their exit signs clearly marked. Inspection records would also provide strong evidence if its proven it contributed to your injuries.

When you get into any type of accident it can be tremendously scary. Getting injured while using public transportation is not fair. When dealing with this type of tragedy, you need someone who is experienced and will truly listen to your needs and fight for you. Dan Doyle Law Group has over 20 years of experience in accident law. Call 215-987-3730 today for a free consultation. Or you can fill out this contact form.