Teen In Critical Condition Due To Auto Accident

There is almost nothing more horrifying then a parent getting a phone call that their child was hurt in some way. The end of the school day had just arrived when 14-year-old teenage cheerleader Kelly Williams started her walk home. She was face timing a friend using all the proper crosswalks when she was unexpectedly struck by a vehicle driving nearly double the speed limit. At first, reports stated that Williams was distracted by her cell phone while she was walking and stepped out onto the road. After further investigation, the situation changed.

Williams was following all the rules and the face timing did not distract her from her walk. The cell phone had nothing to do with it. Instead, the driver was a 32 years old male who was driving too fast near the high school. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour and it was discovered that the male driver was going almost double the speed limit. When the man struck the teenager she flew 100 feet into the air. She is suffering from liver, kidney, and spleen lacerations. In addition, her T3 vertebra was fractured as well as her pelvis and leg. Her shoulder was dislocated and she has a concussion. The significance of the T3 vertebrae is that it controls the nervous system that leads to your lungs, bronchial tubes, and chest. If this were to have broken then Williams could have had more severe complications.

Thankfully William survived, but this deadly combination of speed and distracted walking or driving is becoming an ongoing situation. William’s story is just a variation of a bigger problem. People are driving distracted more than ever. People are speeding due to being distracted which results in tumultuous accidents like that of Kelly Williams. At age 14 she should be worrying about when her next cheer date is, not if she can ever cheer again. Thankfully there are charges against the driver, what if the driver had driven off? What if the driver was not insured? What if the driver was impaired? All these outcomes have a solution: calling 215-987-3730 or clicking here and speaking with our Philadelphia car accident lawyer at Dan Doyle Law Group.

What To Expect

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