These iOS And Android Apps Can Save Your Life And Help Avoid A Car Accident In Pennsylvania

Although getting distracted by a smartphone is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Pennsylvania and all across the U.S., there are actually quite a few iOS and Android apps that can help you have a faster and safer commute.

Did you know that certain apps could actually reduce your risk of getting into a car crash? That, of course, if you do not stay glued to your smartphone screen while driving (which, can and will, on the contrary, lead to a car crash and make you at-fault for it).

Today, we invited our Philadelphia car accident lawyer from Dan Doyle Law Group to outline some of the best apps that could help you avoid congested roads and highways, make your driving experience safer, and help you arrive at your destination much faster (without having to speed and run red lights).

Google Maps

You probably already have this one on your phone, but we are pretty sure that you are not using all of its useful features for driving. With Google Maps, you can plan your route whether you are driving a car, riding a bike or Uber, or simply walking. This navigation app’s intuitive programming will help you find the best route to reach your destination faster in one piece.

INRIX Traffic

This one is considered one of the best apps for driving for busy urban areas, because it allows users to find out about traffic patterns along their route and get notified of open parking spots (which can help you avoid a car accident at a parking lot when you have to circle it four times or more trying to find an open spot).


This iOS and Android app for driving lets users create and use maps while they drive. While it may not seem like the safest option, it can actually help you avoid traffic jams and collisions, because it records your data and driving patterns as you drive and share it with other users. Users can report such things as weather conditions, road construction zones and other road hazards, which may become key to reaching your destination faster in an urban heavily trafficked area in Philadelphia.


This app is gaining popularity all across the world, because it gives users detailed directions, routes, and guidance, which is especially useful for tourists and those driving through an unfamiliar area for the first time.

Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up

Are you worried about your loved one hopping into a car with a complete stranger to reach their destination? Riding with Uber or Lyft can feel very frightening, which is why you may benefit from the “Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up” app which shares your location with friends and family members and allows you to view their location by using GPS navigation.


Are you looking for an iOS or Android app that would give you real-time road speeds and other alerts to warn you about potential road hazards along your route? Then consider downloading Sigalert to make your driving experience safer and less confusing.

Regardless of how many safe driving apps you have, one of the best ways to avoid a car accident is to follow traffic rules and stay alert at all times. Keep in mind that an app on your phone cannot improve your reaction (in fact, getting distracted by your phone’s alerts and notification can actually cause or contribute to an accident).

That is why our Philadelphia car accident attorney advises our readers to stay safe on the roads of Pennsylvania, and use the above-mentioned apps with caution. Have you been in a car accident and think that distracted driving was a contributing factor? Speak to our lawyers at Dan Doyle Law Group by calling at 215-987-3730. Get a free case evaluation.