3 Surprising Behaviors That Make Your Uber Driver More Likely to Crash (Cancel Your Ride If You Notice Any Of These)

Riding in the passenger seat of Uber is a convenient and relatively safe way to get around the city or commute to and from work, but it may not be as safe as you think if your driver exhibits any of these three behaviors.

While safety advocates claim that Uber is a much safer alternative to regular taxis, our Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer at Dan Doyle Law Group begs to differ. Unfortunately, there are many Uber drivers who are not as professional or cautious as you expect them to be. For women, meanwhile, riding alone in the passenger seat with a complete stranger poses additional safety risks.

But how can you tell whether or not your Uber ride will be unsafe and dangerous? Our Uber accident attorney in Philadelphia says that there are three surprising driver’s behaviors to watch out for the second you hop into an Uber vehicle.

Three Uber driver’s behaviors indicating that it’ll be a risky ride

The reason we call these behaviors “surprising” is because we are not going to blabber about the behaviors that are obviously known to be dangerous. We are excluding such behaviors as drunk driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, reckless driving, and other obviously dangerous and risky behaviors while operating a vehicle.

There are other, surprising behaviors that make your Uber driver more at risk of crashing into another vehicle during your trip. These behaviors include:

  1. Being hungover: If your Uber driver is wearing sunglasses (even though it’s not a sunny day), chewing gum and rolls down his windows to get fresh air, it might be an indication that he had to drink one too many last night. Obviously, driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous conditions for an Uber driver, but being hungover is no less risky. That’s because hungover driving increases the risk of a car accident due to the driver being fatigued, weak, dizzy, confused, feeling sick, and suffering from mood disturbances and irritability, all of which can contribute to a motor vehicle collision.
  2. Being tired: It is no secret that many Uber drivers work 18-hour shifts to be able to earn more and provide for their families. But overworking and lack of rest (and sleep) can make your Uber driver much more likely to get into an accident during your trip. That’s because sleep-deprived, fatigued, or tired drivers have impaired cognitive function, slower reaction times, and poor judgement. So watch out for such symptoms of fatigue as moodiness, irritability, falling asleep behind the wheel, poor concentration, reduced ability to articulate words and sentences, and impaired hand-to-eye coordination, among other signs.
  3. Being upset: We all have bad days, and Uber drivers are no exception (yes, they are human beings, too). Unfortunately, many Uber drivers will not refrain from driving if their day was stressful or a complete disaster. You may be aware of the impact of being upset on your driving abilities. An Uber driver who is upset about something while transporting you from point A to point B is more likely to get into an accident, because being upset can cause distracted driving.

“Watch out for these three behaviors when casually chit chatting with your Uber driver about the weather,” warns our Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer at Dan Doyle Law Group. Just because your Uber driver seems like a good guy does not give him the right to put your health or life in danger by operating a vehicle while hungover, tired, or not in the mood.

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