When To Call A Car Accident Attorney

In short, call as soon as you get hurt. Pennsylvania has been working hard on reducing road fatalities. These initiatives have proven successful as 2017 had the lowest amount of fatalities in over 90 years. This is cause for celebration, but it does not tell the whole picture of car accidents in our state. The Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia have attorneys whose specialties are car accident injuries. Our Car Accident Attorneys know the protocol necessary after an accident and are waiting to hear your story.

Like most good law firms, our car accident attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia have a strong belief in providing free consultations and contingency-based fees make filing a claim financially manageable and with ease. We understand that after an accident all you want to do is find solutions and ways to heal quickly from your injury. Car accidents do not only add stress to you but also those who depend on you which in turn stresses you out even more. We know that the best thing for you now is finding support and guidance. You can find these qualities in our Car Accident Attorneys. Car accidents may happen daily, but each accident is unique; your accident is unique and we are here to listen to you.

So when do you know that you need to call our Car Accident Attorneys? The typical answer is after any kind of injury, whether it be small or traumatic. On average in Pennsylvania, there are 15 crashes every hour. There are 8 fatalities every 8 hours, and about 9 injuries every hour. Therefore the likelihood of you getting injured while in an accident is not uncommon. Our attorneys have over 55 years of experience. Here are the few helpful hints we have learned about car accidents and when to call us to help you:

  1. The first thing you should do after an accident, if you are able, is to call the police and stay where you are. If you leave the accident for whatever reason it is considered a hit and run which can turn into criminal charges depending on the situation. You also want to stay because you want to get as much information about the accident as possible.
  2. Do not admit to fault of the accident. It is common, especially for women, to apologize for things, but now is not the time. You can’t judge from the incident what really happened. You don’t know if the other driver is under the influence of something. You don’t know if the other driver was distracted or if they were doing something inappropriate.
  3. DOCUMENT: This is so important. The more you document with pictures and statements, the more you can share with us to strengthen your story.

If you feel that this all applies to you then take the necessary steps and call 215-987-3730 or click here to start your free consultation today. We are here to help you.