Why Is It Important To File Police Reports In Car Accidents?

Many people in the Delaware and Chester counties may not realize the importance of filing accident reports with law enforcement after they have been involved in a car collision. They might believe they can protect their insurance premiums and driving records by convincing the other involved parties to handle things on their own. It may seem more beneficial to keep law enforcement out of the equation so they can move on with their lives.

However, not having a police report can make it challenging for car accident victims to prove liability and receive compensation for their injuries. Here is a brief overview of police reports and car accidents.

Police reports preserve evidence

Police reports are crucial pieces of evidence. When emergency responders and law enforcement arrive on the scene of car accidents, they observe and collect evidence. They also create reports on that evidence so victims can use them in legal proceedings. These reports often include witness statements and contact information, pictures and other crucial evidence.

Insurance companies and legal claims require them

When victims file claims in car accidents, they need more than their verbal recollection of events. Insurers use police reports to determine liability and uphold their agreements with their policy holders. Without police reports, they lack the information needed. Even if victims sustained serious injuries and property damage, police reports are often necessary to prevent their claims from being tossed out and to pave the way for them to take additional legal actions against the liable parties.

Accuracy counts in victims’ cases

There is the possibility of inaccuracy in police statements. Reporting officers are human and may miss important clues that prove liability. They may also record things inaccurately which can make it harder to prove liability or cause the wrong party to be deemed responsible. It is essential for car accident victims to look them over for errors.

Because car accident police reports are the cornerstone of car accident personal injury claims, accuracy is necessary. Anyone who believes a car accident police report is inaccurate should contact an attorney to learn options.