Your Personal Injury Rights And Ways To Protect Them

Not knowing your rights when filing a personal injury claim is the same as planting a tree but not watering it. It is useless, and your goal (obtaining compensation / growing a tree) is pretty much destined to fail.

In fact, simply knowing your rights after getting injured is never quite enough to succeed, as you have to (a) fully understand them and (b) have a clear plan in place to exercise your rights. And that is where the importance of getting legal advice of a Philadelphia injury attorney cannot be overstated.

Let’s outline some of your most vital personal injury rights and find out what you can to protect them in the long run.

Right to deny initial settlement offer

In order to receive compensation for your injuries and damages after an accident, one of the first steps is to contact your insurance company and notify them about what happened. And while you cannot bypass this step, that is exactly where many people in Philadelphia and all across Pennsylvania fail to exercise their rights.

After you have notified insurance companies about the accident, their agents will most likely reach out to you within the first few days with an initial settlement offer. This settlement offer, which is meant to “buy” your legal right to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party, never truly reflects the full scope of financial losses suffered as a result of your injury.

While it may seem as if this initial settlement offer is “a good option,” it never really is when you let an experienced personal injury attorney in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania calculate the dollar value of your claim.

You have a right to deny a settlement if you do not think that it is adequate enough. By accepting an initial settlement offer, not only do you settle for less than you deserve, but may also be allowing the at-fault party to get away with his or her negligent act or wrongdoing without facing responsibility.

Right to file a personal injury lawsuit

If the initial settlement offer does not represent the full scope of your damages and losses, and your attempts to negotiate a larger settlement are not successful, you have a right to go to trial to seek justice.

If the other party is reluctant to accept the settlement you truly deserve, filing a personal injury lawsuit should be your last-ditch effort to obtain the compensation you need. Keep in mind, however, that neither you nor the other party controls the outcome of your case.

When negotiating a settlement, on the other hand, you and your attorney have complete control over the process and outcome. Either way, being legally represented by a Philadelphia personal injury attorney from the Dan Doyle Law Group gives you an edge against the other party.

Protecting your rights in a personal injury case

Just “having” your rights is never enough to recover damages after an accident. What you need is to protect your rights from the moment you get injured. Ways to protect your rights include but are not limited to collecting information, gathering evidence and receipts, taking photos and videos (if possible), and contacting a personal injury lawyer.

Also, it is vital to avoid making statements that make you sound guilty in conversations with the at-fault party and insurance agents. Do not admit fault even if you truly think that you were to blame for the accident. Instead, let a professional attorney review your case and determine liability.

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