Severe trauma to the brain is sometimes irreversible, even with dedicated and skilled physicians providing cutting-edge treatment. Although this trauma is extremely difficult to treat, you can still demand compensation from the person whose negligence led to your injury or that of a loved one. Help from a Media traumatic brain injury lawyer can make a huge difference in your lawsuit’s chance of success.

With a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney on your side, you could effectively seek recovery for short-term physical and financial losses and the long-term psychological harm of your injury.

Identifying Common Signs of Brain Trauma

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be hard to identify after they happen, even by people who pay attention to their well-being and are generally in good physical condition. The effects of a brain injury can be subtle or even invisible in the hours and days after an accident first occurs. By the time symptoms become apparent, it may be too late to avoid permanent and debilitating harm.

With that in mind, anyone who suffers any blow to the face, head, or neck during an accident should seek immediate professional medical attention, even if they feel fine in the moment. Furthermore, anyone experiencing any of the following symptoms should seek emergency care for what may be a severe TBI:

  • Seizures
  • Uneven pupil dilation
  • Numbness or weakness in extremities
  • Drainage of clear fluid from the ears or nose
  • Loss of consciousness for several minutes or more
  • Sudden changes in aggression, mood, or personality
  • Difficulty speaking, concentrating, or waking from sleep
  • Headaches, nausea, or vomiting that will not go away or get worse over time

A Media TBI attorney could help demand civil restitution for all medical expenses related to treating an injury caused by another person’s misconduct.

Building a Strong Civil Claim Over a TBI

Legal counsel could establish that a specific reckless or careless act by another person was the primary and direct cause of a TBI. Even when they sustained life-altering injuries, a person who cannot prove “negligence” may not be awarded compensation for their medical bills, lost working capacity, physical and psychological trauma, or any other losses from the accident.

A traumatic brain injury lawyer in Media could assist with estimating the value of future losses like long-term medical bills and lost overall quality of life and demand fair financial recovery for them. This is essential in cases like this due to the statute of limitations for personal injury claims, which generally grants people two years to file suit after getting hurt through someone else’s misconduct.

Consider Working with a Media Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Brain trauma can alter every single aspect of your personal and professional life, and almost always for the worse. Money can only do so much to repair and replace the life you had before your accident, but getting civil restitution from the person responsible for harming you can still be important to protecting your best interests.

Help is available from a capable and compassionate Media traumatic brain injury lawyer with a track record of success in similar past cases. Call today to discuss your options.