There are laws on the books that protect consumers against defective and unsafe products, but that does not stop these products from making them to market. Dangerous products are on every store shelf, every pharmacy shelf, every car dealership lot, and even in the supply cabinets of surgical suites across the country. And when a consumer becomes injured or dies from the use of a defective or unsafe product, the consumer (or their families) can bring a product liability claim against the responsible party with assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney. A Media product liability lawyer with the Dan Doyle Law Firm can help.

An Expectation of Safety

Consumers have an expectation that the products they purchase for themselves and their families, the cars they drive or ride in, the medicines they ingest, and the surgical products or medical devices they entrust their doctors to provide them or implant into them are safe. This is not always the case. If a person or entity releases a product that they know is unsafe or if they should have reasonably had knowledge that it was unsafe, they can be held accountable for ensuing damages resulting from the product’s use. A product liability lawyer in Media could determine if the person or company who manufactured the product knew it was defective.

Property Liability Claim Types

All products have the potential to become unsafe before reaching the consumers’ hands. Defects may include:

  • Design defects: This type of defect in a product occurs when the design of the product is the reason that it is unsafe. A design defect is present in the product prior to it being manufactured.
  • Manufacturing defects: A safe design can become unsafe when something occurs during the manufacturing process to make it unsafe. For example, a defective part may be used in building the product. This has played out time and time again among automakers in recent years and has been the impetus behind many recalls.
  • Advertising and marketing defects: Products that have certain elements of danger to them can be legal to sell, as long as the consumer is warned of the danger. Marketers and advertisers of the product cannot, however, deceive or conceal information about a product’s potential dangers. This is sometimes seen when medicine is safe for one group of users but not for another.

Life-Changing Injuries Due to Faulty Products

Unsafe products can lead to serious problems for people who end up with them. Consumers are many times left with devastating injuries that alter the course of their lives. The use of products that cause cancer, for example, can result in diminished life expectancy and reduced quality of life. Vehicles with acceleration problems can lead to dangerous accidents where drivers, occupants, and others on the roadway lose life and limb.

Contact a Product Liability Attorney in Media

If you have been injured by a faulty or unsafe product, you are within your rights to seek damages for your injuries. This may include a mix of compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, among other damages. Reach out to a Media product liability lawyer at Dan Doyle Law Group for help with your claim. You can contact us for a free consultation of your case.