5 Steps In A Pedestrian Accident

Many people tend to think that if you are not in your car then you are not covered by insurance. This simply is not true. If you are a pedestrian and you are hit by a car then the car insurance does cover pedestrians. If you are a pedestrian and you are injured after being hit by a car then you deserve just as much compensation as if you were in another car. Just because you chose not to be in a vehicle does not mean that you do not deserve just compensation for your injuries. Do not let the insurance companies try to bully you. If you or a loved one is suffering from an injury after getting hit by a car while walking then take a look at our 5 steps on what to do if you are in a pedestrian accident:

  1. Seek Help: if you have been hit by a car and they choose to commit a hit and run then you need to alert someone for help immediately. If you are able to then call 911. If not then yell for someone to do so. If you were hit and the driver stayed then encourage the driver to call for help if you are not able.
  2. Talk To Authorities: Once the authorities get there and after you have had medical treatment, be sure to talk to the police officer and let them know what happened to you.
  3. Seek witnesses: Maybe you were walking with a friend or you were walking your normal routine to work, either way, you should find someone who saw the incident to help speak on your behalf.
  4. Keep Medical Records: If you were seeking medical treatment after the incident then keep records of everywhere you went and whatever was said. Make sure you go to a doctor immediately after the accident if the ambulance does not take you to a hospital.
  5. Call an Attorney: some think they can avoid this step because they are worried about fees and losing money. Our pedestrian accident lawyers at Dan Doyle Law Group are very aware of being money conscience and offer free consultations to assess your case and make sure that you are taking the right chance.

The Dan Doyle Law Group has over 20 years of experience in dealing with car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. We have experience in many more practice areas, but when you choose an attorney you want to choose one that has a specialty in your area. We have that as our specialty and we have the resources and education to work with your case and maximize the compensation you need for the damages you incurred.

Don’t let the insurance companies bully you. Just like any business, insurance companies work with negotiations. Let us negotiate on your behalf to send a message that you are serious about your recovery and you need all the help you can get. Call 215-987-3730 or click here to start your free consultation with our professional attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group today.