Athletes Who Have A History Of Concussions Face Dementia-Related Markers

Over the past few years, we’ve all seen the emphasis on concussions from sports injuries leading to lifelong catastrophe. A new study by Reuters health has now found that multiple concussions can now lead to dementia. Sports injuries in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas cannot be taken lightly any longer. If you or someone you love have suffered a preventable injured while participating in a sport, you may need the help of an experienced Philadelphia sports injury lawyer. The Dan Doyle Law Group, can review the facts of your case and advise you on the best way to proceed.

Sports-Related Injuries are Devastating

Sports, from youth, are ingrained into our lives as a healthy past time. Although many of us leave sports in our childhood there are those who pursue it as a professional career. There are risks associated with every profession and as a professional athlete, the risks are multiplied when an injury happens. Common sports injuries include heat exhaustion, spinal cord injuries, concussion, neck injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, and brain injuries. As you can tell injuries are rarely minor in sports. Matters are made worse when these injuries are caused by the negligence of another person. Injuries are not only caused by playing but there are situations where equipment was not maintained properly. At a sporting event, the crowd control may have been lacking and has lead to injuries. As you can see, the sport in and of itself is not always the sole culprit behind an injury. Now back to that study.

Reuters health has found that there is a protein found in the spinal fluid named tau can help to predict when an athlete who has suffered multiple concussions, will also have long-lasting health problems. When the tau protein is found to be elevated, it warns of brain-cell connection bundles damage on brain scans and poor performance on cognitive tests. Former research suggested that certain versions of the tau protein were markers of brain cell damage and degeneration. The study found that 50% of the athletes tested had elevated tau protein. This does sound scary and we understand, the upside is that not every person who has multiple concussions is susceptible to the same outcome. The reasoning behind this requires even more research.

How we can help

A sports injury is no longer something to walk off or ignore. An injury can leave devastating consequences and the parties at fault should be held accountable. After a sports injury, you may be feeling lost and confused but you don’t have to be. Dan Doyle Law Group is here to shoulder the legal burden after an accident so you don’t have to. We will file all the necessary paperwork and get you the compensation you deserve. We will seek compensation for medical expenses, time off of work or school, loss of enjoyment of life and any possible punitive damages. Call us today at 215-987-3730 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation with a knowledgeable Philadelphia sports injury attorney.