What Are the Different Types of Product Liability Cases in Pennsylvania?

It may surprise some folk that there are numerous different types of product liability cases. The difference in categorization comes as a result of the stage of product creation in which its faults were produced. There are numerous steps in the process of goods production that can alter its impact on the public once it hits store shelves.

In any case, malfunctioning products can have severe consequences for victims. We rely on goods for everything, from health treatment to entertainment. With the issues that may come along with them comes potential liability. If you or a loved one has been negatively affected by a malfunctioning product, call a Philadelphia product liability attorney today at the Dan Doyle Law Group.

Defective Design Cases

Defective designs can lead to serious issues when the products are being used later down the line. Although many governments and agencies have a variety of tests to determine if designs are sound and eligible to be placed on the markets, some products slip through the cracks and end up on shelves in Pennsylvania. In the instance of defective design, the entire line of products would be inherently dangerous and subject to recall.

One example of a defective design would be a water slide that has a curve that is too sharp. The slide may not have been properly tested and sent to be constructed at the waterpark anyway. As someone is sent down the slide and reaches the curve, they could be catapulted out of the slide and fall from a great height. This type of product liability case would be the fault of engineers who failed to properly design the water slide in a way that was safe to the public. Keep in mind that sometimes other parties may be liable as well, such as the waterpark itself.

Wrongly Manufactured Products

Defectively manufactured products are what most people think of when they think of product liability cases. This type of defect occurs after the design stage and causes issues due to the physical construction of the products in the factory or warehouse. This does not necessarily mean that all of the products are defective, but only the ones that were manufactured under the same, faulty conditions.

Some examples of defectively manufactured products may include:

  • A seatbelt buckle that is cracked and randomly releases
  • A mountain bike that has a broken hydraulic brake system
  • A ladder missing a screw for one of its steps

In all of these cases, something occurred to the product on the production line that caused it to be faulty. While under the impression that they are safe and sound to use, purchasers may be unknowingly putting themselves at risk.

Improper Instructions or Warning Labels

In the very last stage of production include failure to properly label products to warn of issues that they may have. This is a marketing issue that should, in theory, properly advise of heat, electricity, choking hazards, and other potential dangers to Philadelphia residents.

Examples of improper instructions or labeling on products include:

  • Failure to label the side effects of a pain-killing drug
  • Choking hazards with small parts on children’s toys
  • A food label that does not indicate the expiration date of a fish

Contact a Philadelphia Liability Attorney Today

In all of these cases, the companies responsible for the design, manufacturing, and labeling of a product may be liable for the injuries it has caused you. The importance of proper product manufacturing is a topic that concerns the safety of you and your family.

If you believe that you may have a case concerning faulty products, contact a Philadelphia product liability attorney from Dan Doyle Law Group at your earliest convenience. You can call us at 215-987-3730 or send us a message online by clicking here.