Drivers Are Adjusting To Getting Back On The Road – Is It Safe?

After dealing with extended periods of quarantine or staying home orders, drivers throughout Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania are beginning to adjust to regular traffic flow. However, even as traffic was decreasing over the last few months, there were reports from across the country of an increase in speeding and fatal motor vehicle accidents. With traffic beginning to increase and summer kicking into full gear, are drivers in and around Philadelphia safe?

Are drivers operating safely on the roadways?

As residents in and around Philadelphia begin to return to the roadways with regularity, and as more and more people begin to feel comfortable vacationing and traveling, are the roadways safe? Many safety advocates fear that a lack of “behind the wheel” experience for months could lead to an increase in crashes over the summer months. 

How do we know for sure that drivers have not been on the roadways as much?

A recent AAA report says that the agency received a 20 to 30% increase in battery service calls during Pennsylvania’s stay at home orders, indicating that drivers were simply not using their vehicles. Now, drivers are on the road once again, and many officials say that simple roadway safety principles have seemingly been forgotten. 

The Pennsylvania State Police and the Northeast Highway Safety Program have said that travelers are back out in full force on the roadways. According to Trooper Deanna Piekanski, “With the increased traffic, there are some accidents, some of them are just little fender benders.”

There are also more reports of a heightened level of crashes occurring in construction zones since people have been allowed to return to work. Another major concern officials have is drunk driving. Trooper Piekanski says that she believes there are more drinking and driving going on right now across the region. 

Data from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation shows that there were more than 128,000 total traffic crashes during the latest reporting year in the Commonwealth. Out of those incidents, there were 1,190 collision fatalities and more than 78,000 collision injuries. 

As we all return to the roadways, please also keep in mind that bicyclists and pedestrians may be less accustomed to heavy traffic. As Philly moves closer to the Vision Zero goal of eliminating all traffic fatalities in the city by 2030, we can all play our part. 

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