DUI Isn’t Just Drunk Driving

When people hear that someone was charged with a DUI they assume it was just alcohol. Driving while drunk is a really dangerous thing to do and it is a top issue in Pennsylvania. In 2017 nearly 300 people died from a drunk driving or drunk drivers. According to the Pennsylvania DUI Association, 88% of deaths happened to those who were driving with the drunk driver and 76% of those who drove drunk died. An overwhelming majority, at 74% of alcohol-related fatalities were caused by men. And, most of the accidents, 71%, happened at night or on the weekends. These startling percentages should tell us that in Pennsylvania we need to work on encouraging men to drink more responsibly. Even though drunk driving has maintained the same amount of deaths each year, there is another drug we have to worry about: marijuana.

Driving While High

In Norristown, a 51-year-old man pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated assault by vehicle. While driving under a suspended license, from previous drinking and driving charges, the man was under the influence of synthetic marijuana when he swerved into the other lane on a two-lane highway. Simmons, the 51 –year-old man was heading southbound when he crossed over to the northbound lane. The woman who was driving with Simmons was flown to a nearby hospital with critical injuries. The 20-year-old who was struck head-on was also taken the hospital, but only with minor injuries.

When police arrived they found synthetic marijuana on the floorboard of Simmon’s car. They matched the chemicals from marijuana to those in Simmon’s system. This proved that he was under the influence while he was driving. The courts decided to not only give him more prison time, but there are other punitive fines. The courts want to send a message that driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol will not be tolerated. Instead, it will be met with more penalty and longer prison or jail time. So, when you are driving around town it is important to note that driving under the influence doesn’t just mean alcohol. Driving under the influence means any kind of mind-altering substance.

Simmons is still recovering from his injuries. Thankfully no one was killed this time. However, statistics prove that when driving under the influence there is a heightened risk of killing or hurting yourself and others.

What To Do

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to injuries due to a DUI accident then you need to assert your right to compensation for your injuries. Anytime an injury occurs it comes with disruption of lifestyle such as going to work or helping with the household. Our Philadelphia DUI accident lawyers at Dan Doyle Law Group is ready to take on your case. We have a firm understanding of what is required to show that you are in need of financial relief and we are ready to fight for your recovery. Call 215-987-3730 or click here to start your free consultation with our professional attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group in Philadelphia today.