Herbal Supplements Cause Death

In order to lead a healthy life, you are told to take vitamins alongside eating healthy foods. The health craze in America leads to advertising drugs and herbal supplements that haven’t been verified by government agencies or doctors. However, because we do not have laws that prevent such supplements finding their way to online stores or on store shelves, if you aren’t doing your homework and researching then you may find yourself in a bad situation.

There are hundreds of herbal supplements that were used before modern medicine. However, we forget, that everyday people didn’t just take these herbs. They also had specialists in the community who knew how to use these herbs. The internet provides a fast way for people to read about herbs, but not all sites are true. Information is easy to manipulate on the internet. Without consulting with a trained professional first you may find yourself taking something that may make you sicker instead of better. Worse, you can end up dying.

Kratom Misinformation

In Chester County, a 25-year old died after purchasing and consuming the herb Kratom from an online store, sold by SoCal Herbal. The young man died after consuming the herb. The family is suing the manufacturing company for producing the drug and misleading the boy with information about the herb. The autopsy from the coroner’s office reported that the young man’s death was related to a Kratom overdose. From a plain eye’s view, you may think that one death won’t make a difference to this multi-million dollar company, but there has been one other death related to this herb as well.

In searching for information about Kratom, you can find sites that boast about its psychoactive appeal, ability to alleviate pain and a less addictive opioid. According to Thirdwave.co Kratom taking a lower dose of the drug provides feelings of “euphoria….mild visuals (both open- and closed-eye), a warming sensation, increased empathy, and possibly sexual arousal”. These are all very positive reactions that one would want from taking an herb. In fact, you have to scroll all the way down the website in order to get any negative feedback about the drug. This site only mentions the potential for death twice.

In a wrongful death suit, the family is entitled to financial compensation for the loved one’s funeral expenses, medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of future wages, and loss of companionship. The motivation for this family wasn’t financial gain. Instead, they wanted others to know the real information about this kind of herb. They wanted to send a warning sign to other young people who are looking for herbs. The wrongful death suit is more of a warning to future consumers in honor of their dead son.

What To Do

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