Over 7 DUIs And Still Driving

Have you ever the expression “nothing good happens after midnight”? It’s an expression that is meant to prevent people from doing things that the probably shouldn’t. For example, a teen trying to sneak out of the house to see someone they are dating. Or, a person who is drinking on their own and then decides to go find a party. The saying is meant to warn people from choosing behaviour that will lead to regret. Maybe the teen ends up getting assaulted instead of having the romantic evening he or she romanticized in their head. Maybe the person drinking who decides to leave ends up killing someone instead of arriving safely.

Our Philadelphia drunk driving accident attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group are familiar with the story over and over again. An innocent life lost or damaged forever because someone decided to get behind the wheel drunk or under the influence. We have worked with so many victims and their family members that it is hard for us to just sit back and relax. For every victim, we have fought for we fight twice as hard for every new client. Our Philadelphia drunk driving accident attorneys have a firm belief that those who choose to drink and drive should be held accountable to the highest. The victims we represent can never get the life they had back before the accident. The at-fault driver should feel the impact of that in some way.

DUI Statistics

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility track drunk driving statistics since 1982. The trend thus far is that drunk driving decreased by 48% with total traffic fatalities declining by 16%. The declining of such traffic violations is a response to an increase in drunk driving education as well as increasing penalties for those who commit the crime. Even though those percentages should make us proud, one death is still too many.

In 2017, Pennsylvania experienced 314 drunk driving fatalities. That is almost one death every day. Of those fatalities, 31% were caused by people drunk driving under the age of 21. Even though the state is getting better at arresting and detecting drunk drivers it isn’t enough to deter repeat offenders. For example, Frederick Preston was picked up for his 8th DUI after a hit and run with a parked car. Preston’s drunk driving history started in 2000. His most recent arrest was in August 2018. For 18 years Preston drives on and off the road at times sober and at times drunk. Will he finally face the penalty? Or will he have to kill someone first?

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