Premises Liability: What Is The Most Difficult Situation To Face During A Claiming Process?

No one would usually consider the idea of needing the help of an experienced Philadelphia premises liability lawyer when they enter another individual’s property. However, it not unusual for a person to sustain an injury caused by the negligent or irresponsible actions of a property owner. These incidents can create difficult situations in legal claims.

Injuries that can be experienced within a premises liability incident

Laws or regulations of premises liability can handle any incidents that create severe injury to an individual. A lawsuit based on premises liability occurs due to the negligent and careless actions (or inaction) of a property manager that causes harm towards another person. There are numerous ways in which these incidents can be created, such as:

  • Incident of falling due to slipping
  • Improper maintenance of the property
  • Animal bite incidents
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Careless safety or security methods

Various serious injuries can also occur due to an accident on another person’s premises, that would include the following:

These injuries can lead to extensive medical costs and victims suffering from temporary or permanent disabilities. Expenses in these incidents involve not only medical bills, but also costs of rehabilitation, lost income, and more. In certain cases, the victims of a premises liability incident are left with immense emotional and physical pain and suffering from the inability to be involved in the same activities or work after the accident.

What needs be proved within a premises liability claiming process

Within every personal injury case, there need to be specific elements of negligence present for claims made against a property manager or owner.

  • Duty: The defendant or individual that caused the injury needs to show that the negligent party owed a duty of care towards the plaintiff or person sustaining an injury.
  • Breach: With the concept of duty of care being established, evidence of the defendant breaching or violating their duty of care in any way is necessary. The inclusion of apparent negligence is incredibly important, which can be shown through the property owner’s decision to allow the continuation of unsafe conditions or unsuccessful actions to resolve the improper conditions.
  • Causation: There must be a clear correlation between the plaintiff’s injuries and the breach of duty from the property owner.
  • Damages: For the lawsuit to be a success, the plaintiff must have experienced some type of injuries.

For a premises liability case, proving what happened and that the liability falls on the property owner is the most critical aspect of the claim. A skilled Philadelphia premises liability attorney will have the resources necessary to gather the evidence necessary to prove these cases for the injury victim.

Let us work on your case

If the negligent or irresponsible actions of a property manager or owner have caused harm to you or a loved one, call an attorney as soon as possible. With the Dan Doyle Law Group, our team will have significant experience and understanding in assisting clients in helping them secure the compensation they are entitled to in these cases, which would include:

  • Medical expenses related to the incident
  • Lost income or wages if the victim is no longer able to work
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Pain and suffering damages

In the case of the property owner displaying malicious actions or gross negligence in the incident, we will also work to secure punitive damages. If you need a Philadelphia premises liability lawyer, you can contact for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or by calling us at 215-987-3730.