New Studies Show Tranexamic Acid is Linked to A Higher Fatality Rate in Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

When a person suffers from a traumatic brain injury, paramedics, nurses, and doctors work together to save lives and prevent as much brain damage as possible. Bruising, torn tissues, and especially bleeding can be fatal. The extensive damage in survivors can cause long-term complications and disability. One of the tools doctors use to prevent a patient from bleeding risk is tranexamic acid. New studies have revealed tranexamic acid is linked to a higher mortality rate.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries versus Isolated Traumatic Brain Injuries

Tranexamic acid is used to treat heavy bleeding. It works by slowing blood clot breakdown. Numerous studies have shown it lowers the risk of mortality due to traumatic brain injuries. However, recently it has come to light that tranexamic acid will have the opposite effect in cases of severe traumatic brain injuries.

According to Medscape, the study revealed that tranexamic acid should not be given to those with an isolated severe traumatic brain injury. Tranexamic acid works well in patients who are at risk from bleeding to death. However, that is not a typical risk factor in isolated traumatic brain injuries. Over 30-days, the study found that the mortality rate was significantly higher in those with isolated severe traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries by the Numbers

The Department of Health in Pennsylvania created a Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board in 2000. In the latest reporting year:

  • 2,223 people die from brain injuries each year in Pennsylvania
  • Another 245,621 have traumatic brain injury-related disabilities
  • 8,612 people have long-term disabilities
  • 35,975 children sustain sports-related brain injuries

More than 85% of traumatic brain injuries are preventable if safety measures are followed. The safety measures range from wearing a seatbelt, a properly fitted helmet, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and driving safely.

A study found that in adult prisons, 75% of inmates suffered brain injuries as children. With that, Pennsylvania has provided grant money to the research and prevention of traumatic brain injuries in children. They have partnered with PA Athletic Trainers’ Society to educate and train people in youth athletics. The Department of Health has also partnered with the Juvenile Justice system to screen individuals who may have sustained a brain injury.

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