What Are The Safety Tips For Elderly People Who Ride Bicycles?

Riding a bike can be an incredibly beneficial activity. Not only does riding a bike help keep us in shape, but it also uses no fossil fuels, which is a win for the environment. However, elderly bicycle riders should take some added steps to prevent injuries and ensure a safe riding experience. As we get older, our vision weakens, reaction times decrease, and balance can become shakier. At the Dan Doyle Law Group, our Philadelphia bicycle accident lawyers want to discuss some great safety tips for elderly riders.

1. Always wear a helmet

We always advise bike riders to wear a helmet, regardless of their age. While adults in Pennsylvania are not required by law to wear a protective helmet, wearing a DOT-approved bicycle helmet can help prevent serious open head wounds and traumatic brain injuries by as much as 50%, according to government studies.

2. Wear appropriate bike riding clothing

It is important for riders to wear appropriate clothing to help prevent bicycle accident injuries. Riders should have comfortable shoes that keep a proper grip on the pedals. By wearing clothing that covers your limbs, you will lessen the chance of severe road rash if you fall off your bike. It is advised not to ride at dawn or dusk when visibility is limited. However, if you are riding in low visibility settings, you should wear brightly coloured clothing.

3. Choose your route carefully

Elderly riders would do well to choose less challenging routes. Going down bouncy trails or on zig-zagging paths will increase the chance of a bike accident. Choose bicycle riding routes that have flat surfaces and the least amount of incline. Try to avoid areas with heavy traffic. If possible, choose a route that has a designated bike path, or stick to parks that allow for biking.

4. Take a buddy

The National Library of Medicine says that older citizens and those who have a disability have an increased risk of bike accidents. If you have a riding buddy, there will always be someone there to help and call for assistance if an accident does occur.

5. Understand the rules of the road

It is Important to understand bicycle laws in Pennsylvania. In most situations, bicycles are treated just like any other vehicle on the roadway. Bicyclists must obey all laws, including stopping at stop signs and red lights. If there are no designated bike lanes, bicyclists should ride as far as possible to the right of the roadway in the same direction as roadway traffic.

6. Choose the right bike

One important aspect of bicycle safety is choosing the right bike. Most elderly riders do not need a speed bike or a bicycle equipped for trail riding. Choose a bike in line with your height and one that is comfortable for you.

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