Swimming pools can be an enjoyable feature in homes, fitness centers, and other community spaces. However, they can quickly become dangerous attractions that injure others without proper care and safety measures. Injuries from these types of accidents could entitle you to compensation from the at-fault party.

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Who Is Responsible for Injuries in a Swimming Pool Accident?

Swimming pool injuries can happen for various reasons and under different circumstances. Assigning liability in these cases requires a careful analysis of the facts leading up to the accident and the people whose actions contributed to it.

For example, individuals sharing the swimming pool could be at fault for reckless misconduct that causes another patron injury, such as pushing or shoving, leading to a fall.

The owner of the pool or underlying property may also be liable for a person’s injuries in an accident under premises liability. Determining an owner’s duties depends on who they are and their relationship to the injured person.

Generally, a higher duty of care may be owed to a customer who pays to access a commercial swimming pool compared to the house guest of an individual’s private property.

Some ways that a pool owner could have liability for others injured on their premises may include the following:

  • Failing to warn about the risks of using the swimming pool
  • Not providing an on-duty lifeguard
  • Not having appropriate safety and medical equipment for patrons, such as life jackets or first aid essentials
  • Failing to warn about a pool’s depth and prohibited conduct like diving or running

Premises liability does not usually extend to trespassers. However, a common exception to this rule is when the trespasser is a child who entered the property because of an attractive nuisance, such as an openly accessible swimming pool.

A King of Prussia attorney could further explain the role of premises liability in a specific swimming pool accident case.

How Comparative Fault Could Limit Damages

Swimming pool accident cases are often complex, with multiple parties potentially at fault, including the injured person. For example, an individual may have been running around the edge of the pool, disregarding medical conditions that made it dangerous to swim, or failing to acknowledge their own limitations.

Pennsylvania’s comparative fault rule limits a plaintiff’s compensation by their percentage of fault and bars recovery when greater than 50 percent.

Filing a Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Injured parties or family members generally have two years from the date of a swimming pool accident to file a claim for personal injury or wrongful death under 42 Pennsylvania Code § 5524.

Failing to meet this filing deadline could cause a court to dismiss a person’s case and prevent them from pursuing a claim for damages. A swimming pool accident lawyer in King of Prussia could determine the potential filing deadline in their client’s case to avoid a lapse in their claim.

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