Getting hurt on someone else’s property can leave you with a lot of questions that are hard to answer, especially if the accident was preventable. Whenever we go somewhere, we usually assume we will be safe, whether we are going to a party at a private residence or heading to the local park.

If an accident does happen and you get hurt, you may need a premises liability lawyer. At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we will look through your case with you to determine if anyone is liable for your injuries and whether or not you should be due compensation.

Preventable Injuries

While we recognize that most property owners don’t do things to purposely hurt someone, their oversight of codes, regulations, and procedures can lead to an accident anyway. There should always be regular maintenance inspections for places where the public is welcome. Let’s look at a few of the following examples:

In the two examples above, the injuries were preventable. The property owner or manager should have known about the danger beforehand and fixed them.

The most common premises liability cases revolve around slip and fall accidents. If a spill or leak goes uncleaned or a recently mopped floor is not marked with the appropriate “wet floor” signs, people can get hurt. If a floor is damaged or has rugs that could cause someone to trip and a property owner hasn’t taken steps to fix them, they could be liable for injuries that occur.

What To Do

If a property owner’s negligence has contributed to damages or injuries you incur, you may need premises liability attorney in Norristown. The court process for these types of injury cases can get complex and confusing because the other side in these cases will do what they can to avoid large settlements, including attempting to blame you for your own injuries. There will inevitably be back and forth between the two parties and you will need legal help to navigate through the process.

At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we understand these cases and we will help you get the compensation you deserve. We don’t think it is right that you and your family should be negatively impacted financially because of someone else’s negligence, especially if you have to miss work and lose income.

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