Negligent security can cause personal injury when visiting properties with high criminal activity. Harm due to a business’s failure to protect could entitle you to a claim for compensation for your incurred damages.

Our Norristown negligent security lawyers could take the lead in these cases on your behalf. They could use their knowledge of the legal system to develop a sound strategy for recovering a settlement or award. Schedule a consultation with our dedicated premises liability attorneys today to learn more.

How Negligent Security Can Cause Personal Injury

An assailant is always the primary cause of an injury from criminal activity. However, the property owner’s poor security measures can contribute to creating an opportunity for criminal misconduct to occur and increasing a person’s risk of injury.

Examples of negligent security that may have played a role in an injury from subsequent criminal activity include the following:

  • Having limited or poorly trained security guards
  • No cameras, alarms, and signs to deter criminal activity
  • No metal detectors
  • Not monitoring exits and entrances
  • Failing to train employees and staff on proper protocols and procedures
  • Not having a policy for handling security issues

A negligent security lawyer in Norristown could investigate the underlying causes of injury from criminal activity while visiting a place of business or another public venue.

Who Is Liable for an Injury from Negligent Security at a Business or Property?

Liability for injuries resulting from inadequate security on a premise requires evidence of negligence by the party with control over the property. Negligence occurs when one party owes a duty of care to a person, and their failure to uphold that duty causes injury. Determining liability under this legal standard typically depends on factors such as the relationship between the parties and the foreseeability of the risk.

In negligent security cases, obligations to keep people safe from criminal activity on a property could belong to the owner, a contracted security company, a business, and others responsible for keeping the area safe. Negligent security cases are often fact-specific and may rely on issues such as the crime rate of the area or the type of property or event where the harm occurred.

The complexity of these cases often means an opportunity to settle could be available. A hardworking negligent security attorney in Norristown could advise on the potential benefits or risks of agreeing to settle out of court.

Potential Damages to Claim

Parties injured because of a venue’s inadequate security could have an opportunity to claim several types of related damages in their pursuit of compensation. Among these are economic and non-economic damages such as:

  • Costs to repair or replace damaged or stolen property
  • Medical expenses for physical injury
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Losses from pain and suffering

The amount of damages will depend on the severity of the injury and other factors specific to the injured person and their family.

The Deadline to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years under 42 Pennsylvania Code § 5524. Individuals injured due to negligent security must generally file their claim within two years of the incident to avoid dismissal of their lawsuit and to continue their case in court.

Meeting with a Norristown lawyer after suffering an injury could be a valuable first step in determining the applicable filing deadline in a negligent security case.

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People deserve to feel safe from security risks when on a business’ property. Owners and others with a duty of care should take the necessary precautions to protect those who visit their premises.

If you were recently injured while attending an event or place of business, our Norristown negligent security lawyers could help file a claim for damages. Schedule a free consultation today to meet with one of our diligent personal injury attorneys and begin your case.