If you are confused, traumatized, and uncertain as to what comes next following an auto accident, you have come to the right place. Although our car accident attorney from Dan Doyle Law Group cannot undo the accident, nor can he relieve your pain, we can make the at-fault party pay for your damages and losses.

Undergoing medical treatment, dealing with insurance companies, and handling the paperwork while attempting to live a post-injury life seems like a daunting task. That is why those who choose to represent themselves following a car crash end up being frustrated, depressed and stressed out.

Unfortunately, most people have a limited understanding of Pennsylvania laws that regulate motor vehicle accidents. That is one of the things preventing them from recovering maximum compensation from the at-fault driver.

What Types of Claims Does a Bensalem Car Accident Attorney Handle?

Dan Doyle Law Group has decades of experience in handling a range of car accident cases, including but not limited to:

  • Accidents involving an uninsured motorist;
  • Fatal crashes;
  • Collisions involving a distracted driver;
  • Drunk driving accidents (DUI);
  • Crashes caused by poor vehicle maintenance;
  • Multiple-vehicle accidents;
  • Collisions involving road rage;
  • Accidents caused by poor road conditions;
  • Rear-end accidents;
  • Rollover crashes; and
  • Side-impact collisions.

Should You Report Your Car Crash to Your Insurance Company?

If you have insurance coverage (purchasing auto insurance is mandatory for all motorists in Pennsylvania), you are required to report your car accident to your insurance carrier.

Reporting your crash as soon as possible prevents your insurer from using your failure to report the accident promptly as an excuse to undervalue or deny your legitimate claim.

However, since insurers in Pennsylvania are infamous for their insurance bad faith practices, it is advised to talk to a Bensalem car accident lawyer prior to reporting your accident.

Who’s Going to Pay for the Property Damage Done to My Vehicle?

Unless you were at fault for causing your auto accident, you have two options when seeking reimbursement for the property damage to your car.

The first option is to file a property damage claim with the at-fault motorist’s insurance company. The insurer will pay for the damage to your vehicle only if you have compelling evidence that their insured caused the crash.

The second option is to seek coverage through your own collision coverage if you have one. If you do, you can contact your own insurer and request it to pay for the damage to your car regardless of whether you or the other party was at fault for the collision.

Can You Recover Damages if Your Accident Involved an Uninsured Motorist?

In the event of an auto crash with an uninsured driver, you may be confused as to whether you will be able to seek monetary compensation for your damages and losses.

Although you can make a car accident claim even if you were at fault for the crash (thanks to Pennsylvania’s no-fault insurance rule), your insurance coverage will most likely dry up quite quickly.

As a result, you may get stuck with unpaid medical bills that keep mounting. In that case, a Bensalem car accident attorney could help you pursue a lawsuit against the other driver if he or she has any personal assets available to reimburse your damages and losses.

Can I Seek Recovery for My Pain and Suffering Following an Auto Accident?

In many cases, you may have a right to pursue compensation for your pain and suffering and other non-economic damages depending on the type of insurance that you have purchased, whose fault contributed to the crash, and the extent of your injuries.

Speak to a Bensalem car accident lawyer from Dan Doyle Law Group to discover your options and determine whether you are entitled to pain and suffering and other non-tangible damages.

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