Whether you’re visiting a friend, out shopping at the grocery store, or on virtually any other property you have a legal right to be on in Chester County, PA, to some degree, you should have a reasonable expectation of safety. Pennsylvania’s premises liability laws require that property owners and managers monitor their properties for hazards that can put the safety of legal guests at risk. These laws also require property owners to address any hazards they identify by eliminating them or otherwise preventing guests from being harmed by them.

You may be injured in what could have been an avoidable accident if you’re visiting a property whose owners were negligent. If this happens, contact a Chester County premises liability attorney at Dan Doyle Law Group. We can help you pursue compensation for your medical bills and related losses.

Chester County Premises Liability Cases: Essential Information

Premises liability cases can take a range of forms. These are just a few common examples:

  • You slip and fall over a spill at the supermarket because neither management nor any of the store’s employees noticed it and cleaned it up in a reasonable timeframe
  • After a harsh overnight winter storm, you slip over a patch of ice in the parking lot of a shopping center because the owners did not apply deicing agents
  • There is a clearly visible section of loose tiling that someone can slip over at a local shop, but ownership either carelessly overlooked it or were aware of its presence but decided not to fix the problem, allowing you to be harmed in a slip and fall

Again, those are merely a few examples. Review your case with a Chester County premises liability law firm to find out if you have reason to seek compensation.

How a Chester County Premises Liability Lawyer Helps

There are numerous ways in which an attorney can help you recover the compensation for which you may be eligible in these circumstances. First, we will review your case for free to determine whether you should bother filing a claim or lawsuit.

If it appears you have a valid case and you decide to hire us, we will launch an investigation. We need to gather evidence indicating you were injured because a property’s owners or managers were genuinely negligent. During this phase, we will also begin accounting for your various losses to calculate an estimate of what a proper settlement offer might look like.

Next, we will file your claim or lawsuit and negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf. Our tactics will maximize your chances of recovering proper compensation for all your losses.

Contact a Chester County Premises Liability Attorney Today

You should be focusing on your recovery in the aftermath of an accident instead of filling out paperwork and arguing with the insurance company. Our team at Dan Doyle Law Group will handle the claims process so you can do just that. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us online today or calling us at 215-987-3730 to schedule your free initial consultation.