Bicycles provide many benefits, but because of the size of bicycles in relation to cars, riders are at significant risk of suffering harm in crashes caused by negligent motorists.

Personal injury legislation could entitle you to collect compensation with help from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney when you sustained damage in a collision with a negligent motorist. Schedule an appointment with a diligent King of Prussia bicycle accident lawyer for more information.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Cyclists have little protection compared to drivers traveling in cars, and they can sustain severe injuries in accidents with catastrophic consequences. Some of the typical injuries include:

  • Back and spinal cord trauma
  • Severe facial, eye, or dental damage
  • Broken arms, hands, legs, and hips
  • Head, skull, and traumatic brain injuries
  • Chest, abdomen, and internal organ damage
  • Whiplash, neck sprains and strains, and other soft tissue injuries

A King of Prussia bicycle accident attorney could help gather the essential evidence to establish damages for a fair settlement amount.

Settlement for Damages

The settlement amount for damages can vary substantially for each case and depends on the severity of the injuries and how much they will continue to affect the cyclists. Because riders can sustain catastrophic injuries in accidents with automobiles, the award can be significant.

The court may award monetary damages for medical expenses and ongoing care, lost salary and earning potential, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and physical and emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

Safety Tips and Traffic Statutes

State bicycle laws grant those on bikes or special vehicles the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Per the advice and safety precautions of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, cyclists traveling on roads with fast-moving traffic are required to use caution at all times and remain alert.

Riders can travel on the shoulder or use the travel lane without shoulder room. Riding in the center of the lane farthest to the right on multilane highways allows significantly reduces the risk of crashes caused by vehicles striking them. They are visible to motorists, who can safely move into the left lane to pass the rider. Other safety rules include:

  • No more than two bicycles should ride side-by-side in a lane
  • When riding on two-way roads, bike riders may travel in the right lane
  • Cyclists may leave the far-right lane to avoid obstacles, pass another vehicle, or make left turns
  • When a traffic signal fails to operate correctly, bike riders may proceed as if it were a stop sign at an intersection

When cyclists fail to adhere to traffic safety regulations, they risk a citation and place themselves at higher risks of suffering severe harm in a collision with an automobile.

Safety Regulations for Automobile Drivers

There are also rules motorists in motor vehicles must adhere to when traveling near a cyclist, and those include:

  • Drivers must leave a minimum of four feet of room between the cyclists and themselves
  • Motorists must check for bikes and use caution before opening the car’s door to ensure they do not disrupt the traffic flow
  • Drivers can overtake cyclists legally in no-passing zones, but they must make sure it is safe to do so and leave the minimum space of four feet from the rider

A bicycle crash lawyer in Malvern could investigate to find the cause, liable party, and evidence to prove fault.

Meet With a Seasoned Bicycle Accident Attorney in King of Prussia

Many roads leave little room to travel safely, putting cyclists at risk of suffering harm because of careless drivers.

When a motorist’s carelessness caused your bodily injuries and property damage, you can pursue legal action to hold them responsible. Schedule a consultation with a King of Prussia bicycle accident lawyer who could begin working on your case.