Collisions with large commercial vehicles can change your life in an instant. While any accident has the potential to cause devastating injuries, crashes involving these trucks are particularly dangerous, given how much larger they are than passenger cars.

When you are hurt in a commercial vehicle accident, a reliable personal injury attorney could advise you of your legal options. You might be entitled to a monetary award if you can prove the trucker, their employer, or some other third-party was negligent. A King of Prussia truck accident lawyer could help you maximize your financial recovery.

What Leads to Truck Accidents?

These incidents can occur under a wide range of circumstances. One benefit of relying on the guidance of a truck accident attorney in King of Prussia is they could investigate the crash from every angle to identify the responsible party and develop a theory of negligence.

Often, human error is to blame, since operating a large commercial vehicle is no simple task. It requires a driver with extensive training to pay careful attention to the task in front of them. Unfortunately, these operators are not always as careful as they should be. Careless actions like speeding, driving while impaired, or failing to yield the right-of-way could result in a collision with other motorists. A trucker could also be liable if they violate federal regulations for load size or hours worked.

There are times when other parties could be at fault, as well. The trucking company might be liable if they were negligent in their hiring or training practices, while a mechanic could be to blame if faulty repairs led to the crash. Even the truck manufacturer may be sued when defects are responsible.

Recovering Damages for Truck Collisions

When these cases are successful, the injured party has an opportunity to recover damages. These can come in the form of a negotiated settlement or a trial verdict. A truck accident attorney in King of Prussia or Malvern may be able to recover various types of damages in these cases after an extensive investigation.

Medical Costs

Due to the severity of the injuries that are common in tractor-trailer collisions, the cost of medical care is often at the forefront of a plaintiff’s mind. It could be possible to recover financial damages for both past and future treatment, including hospitalization, emergency room visits, and pain management medication.

Pain and Suffering

Serious injuries often lead to significant, lingering pain. Depending on the nature of the wound, it can also lead to nerve damage and the chronic pain that comes with it. Financial compensation for this suffering can be a major part of a settlement.

Lost Wages

Being too injured to work can be frustrating, especially when it costs someone their primary source of income. An injured party might be able to recover damages based on the wages they missed out on.

Diminished Future Earnings

There are times when a person is never able to fully recover from their truck accident. Even when they have reached the maximum level of medical improvement, permanent disability might limit their physical activities. When this happens, it could also hinder their career. Damages might be available based on a plaintiff’s diminished future earnings.

Reach Out to a King of Prussia Truck Accident Attorney Today

These incidents do not have to upend your life forever. While dealing with catastrophic injuries can be difficult, securing fair compensation could provide you with the support you need. Reach out to a King of Prussia truck accident lawyer to learn more. Dan Doyle has previously worked for an insurance company and knows all the tactics they use to try and prevent you from getting a fair settlement.