Crimes can happen anywhere without warning, even to the most cautious individuals. However, most criminals are what lawyers call “judgment-proof,” with few to no assets or money to compensate a victim of a crime in civil court, even if there is a successful lawsuit and verdict.

Because of this, parties who endure violent crimes must turn to other sources of compensation, such as an authority that should have secured the scene of the crime and prevented it from occurring.

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What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security occurs when a property or business owner does not take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of customers and others. For example, a rental company running an apartment complex might be responsible for securing entrances and exits to prevent trespassers from entering the building and committing crimes against residents.

Determining when security might be negligent will depend on the context and the property where a crime happens. Higher-risk businesses like jewelry stores typically have loss prevention staff and cameras to prevent thieves, while event venues hire security and maintain appropriate lighting.

Additionally, a lack of emergency signage or locks on exterior doors could be considered negligent, especially in an area with a higher crime risk. A hardworking King of Prussia lawyer could help their client prove negligence by determining what security measures should have been in place to prevent a crime from occurring.

Bringing a Negligent Security Claim

Negligent security claims begin with the legal concept of negligence, which holds people responsible for unreasonably endangering others and causing injuries. Negligence relies on a duty of care, a breach of that duty, causation, and damages.

Showing negligence for a negligent security claim might also require an evaluation of foreseeability to determine what duty should have been owed based on the circumstances (the type of business, the crime, and the location, among others). Establishing this allows the injured party to show that the owner did not take reasonable steps to prevent the crime from occurring, which led to the incident and their injuries.

An injured person must collect this evidence quickly to make a negligent security claim. The statute of limitations is only two years under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statute Annotated § 5524, and an individual could lose all rights to compensation if they do not file within that two-year window.

Partnering with a compassionate King of Prussia attorney could allow a person to focus on recovering physically and mentally while their lawyer works on their negligent security case.

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