Fires create devastating losses for individuals and families, including property damage and physical injury. With the help of a King of Prussia house and apartment fire accident lawyer, you could obtain compensation from the parties responsible for its cause.

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Common Causes of House and Apartment Building Fires

House fires can start under several circumstances. Identifying the cause of a fire in a home or apartment building is an essential first step in naming responsible parties for future litigation. Some potential factors that could play a role in a house fire could include the following:

  • Unattended open flames from fireplaces, stovetops, candles, and other household items
  • Malfunctioning home appliances such as a dryer or oven
  • Construction defects from poor electrical installation
  • Smoking indoors
  • Faulty heating systems

Beyond the initial cause of a fire, additional factors can contribute to the resulting injury and damage, such as highly flammable materials, like an old Christmas tree, paper products, and gases.

Additionally, an apartment building may have defects in its infrastructure or design that cause further injury by speeding up how fast a fire can spread. An accident attorney in King of Prussia could work to identify the cause of their client’s house or apartment fire and possible at-fault parties.

Who Is Liable for Injuries and Damage in a House or Apartment Fire?

Several parties may be liable for injuries sustained depending on the cause of a house fire. Generally, liability requires proof that another party failed to meet their duty of care and caused injury to someone. This could fall on an individual who was careless in the actions that started it, such as leaving a device turned on or failing to watch a small child who started a fire.

Owners or landlords of a home or apartment building could also be responsible if their neglect in maintaining the property caused the fire or injury. A business could be at fault in cases where the cause of the fire was a defective product that malfunctioned. A King of Prussia accident lawyer could review the facts of their client’s house or apartment fire case and name potential liable parties in a lawsuit for damages.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim For a House or Apartment Fire

House and apartment fires can cause significant damages, including medical costs, destroyed property, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Claims to available insurance policies may not be enough to cover these losses. However, a civil lawsuit could help recover monetary awards to compensate for damages.

This litigation process can be lengthy if a case goes to trial or shorter in cases where a settlement is possible between parties. Under Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, plaintiffs generally have two years from the date of the fire to file a lawsuit for their damages and losses.

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