Severe burns can result in extreme pain, permanent scarring, loss of sensory or motor function in affected areas of the body, and life-threatening infections. Pursuing fair financial recovery for the short-term and long-term effects of burns can be more complicated than for other personal injury cases.

Help is available from an experienced King of Prussia burn injury lawyer who knows how to handle cases like yours. From establishing someone else is legally at fault for your injury to demanding restitution for the full value of your past and future losses, your qualified catastrophic injury attorney could help you through every step of your case and significantly improve your chances of getting the compensation you are owed.

How Negligence Can Lead to Burn Injuries

Burns can come from various sources, including exposure to open flames or superheated material like metal or boiling steam, contact with caustic chemicals, or radiation exposure. When it comes to filing suit over a burn injury, four things must be true to build a claim around the legal theory of “negligence” to proceed:

  • The “defendant” being sued owed a “duty of care” to the injured “plaintiff” filing suit
  • The defendant did something reckless, careless, or illegal that qualified as a “breach” of their duty
  • That breach was the primary and direct cause of an accident that likely would not have otherwise occurred
  • That accident directly caused an injury serious enough to require professional medical care

The last requirement can sometimes be a stumbling block for burn injury cases because most first-degree burns, which only affect the outermost layer of skin, do not require any treatment beyond basic first aid to heal on their own. A King of Prussia burn accident attorney could review a particular scenario and determine whether it could lead to a valid claim.

Building a Comprehensive Claim Over a Burn Accident

Various types of evidence may need to be factored into a lawsuit or settlement demand over a high-degree burn, depending on who was involved and how the burn happened. For example, a burn injury case built around an auto accident might use dashboard camera footage and witness testimony to establish how the crash in question occurred. Building blueprints and inspection records might be important when holding a landlord liable for a preventable house fire.

Medical records, pay stubs, and testimony from family members, as well as the injured person themselves, could identify and assign a fair value to all injuries and losses caused by a severe burn injury in King of Prussia. A qualified lawyer could help demand compensation for both economic damages like medical bills and the cost of repairing or replacing personal property and non-economic forms of damage like pain and suffering.

Work With a Burn Injury Attorney in King of Prussia

Being burned in an accident can be traumatic on both physical and psychological levels, and the aftermath of the incident can be expensive. Demanding fair restitution for your damages can feel intimidating, especially when you have no experience filing a lawsuit.

Representation from a King of Prussia burn injury lawyer could tip the odds of a positive case result in your favor and help you get paid what you deserve. Call today to discuss your options.