Mild brain injuries like concussions can still have long-lasting and debilitating effects, and more severe brain trauma is often permanent, irreversible, and resistant to even the most cutting-edge medical treatment. Unfortunately, this means the goal of civil litigation, restoring an injured person to their pre-accident condition by reimbursing them for their losses, is often not possible with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Despite this, pursuing a civil claim over a TBI is still worthwhile, and a skilled catastrophic injury attorney could help you achieve a beneficial outcome. A dedicated King of Prussia traumatic brain injury lawyer could assist you in recovering compensation that improves your quality of life and ensures the person responsible for causing your injury bears as many of its costs as possible.

Proving Someone Else Was at Fault for a TBI

While serious brain injuries are uniquely severe in terms of the debilitating effects they can have and the lower chances of long-term recovery, they are still subject to the same rules and restrictions as less harmful personal injuries. Holding someone else financially liable for the consequences of a TBI means proving they caused that injury directly through their own reckless or careless “breach” of a duty of care they owed to the injured person.

One typical example of a “duty of care” as defined in civil law is the obligation motorists must follow the law and pay attention to minimize their risk of hurting someone else on the road, and a “breach” of such a duty could be an illegal act or a small, careless error. Exactly what qualifies as grounds for a civil lawsuit can change dramatically depending on the circumstances, so it is always worth discussing recovery options with a King of Prussia traumatic brain injury lawyer before trying to take legal action alone.

Recovering Fairly Within Filing Deadlines

TBI claims are not exempt from the statute of limitations, the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit. While there are rare exceptions for particular situations, most people who sustain any injury through another person’s negligence have two years to file suit, or their case will likely be thrown out.

A claim filed within this time limit can demand compensation for the full value of all past and future economic and non-economic consequences of the injury, including:

  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life
  • Emotional and psychological suffering
  • Lost earning capacity and work earnings
  • Medical expenses, including for rehabilitative and therapeutic care
  • Disability-related costs for assistive equipment, in-home care, and similar needs

There may be caps on the maximum amount of money an injured person can demand from certain types of defendants, as a TBI lawyer in King of Prussia could explain in more detail.

Contact a King of Prussia Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

No matter how it happens or its repercussions, a serious brain injury can alter every aspect of your life in ways no one should ever have to deal with. Even though financial restitution alone cannot restore your pre-accident self, it can still do a lot to make up for specific losses you will experience now and well into the future due to someone else’s misconduct.

A King of Prussia traumatic brain injury lawyer can provide the custom-tailored support you may need to pursue your unique claim effectively. Call today to learn more.