A high-degree burn is a painful and impactful injury to sustain in an accident, whether caused by exposure to heat, caustic substances, electricity, or radiation. On top of physical trauma, the financial and psychological consequences of the injury can affect every part of your life and may last for years or even decades.

Anyone who causes your severe burns through careless or reckless behavior may be held civilly liable for the effects of their actions, and you could hold them accountable with help from a Media burn injury lawyer. From gathering evidence of fault for your injury to demanding comprehensive compensation for all your losses, a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could be an ally through the entire legal process.

Getting Paid for All Available Damages

Any injury that results directly from another person’s negligence, their “breach” of a duty they had to act responsibly and lawfully, could be the basis for a civil claim that demands restitution for both economic and non-economic consequences of the injury. What sets severe burns apart from many other personal injuries, though, is they can and do have permanent and debilitating effects, including scarring, loss of sensation, and even loss of movement and motor function in affected areas.

While it is possible to seek civil restitution for lifelong injuries, it does require an approach to the recovery process that prioritizes future losses more than losses that have already occurred by the time the claim begins, including:

  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Lost working and earning capacity
  • Psychological and emotional anguish
  • Expected long-term medical expenses
  • Disability-related costs like in-home care and assistive equipment
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life, potentially including lost consortium

Working with a seasoned Media burn accident attorney can make the process of identifying, evaluating, and pursuing compensation for these damages much easier.

Who Could Be Liable for a High-Degree Burn?

A lawyer could prove another person was to blame for causing a burn injury and identify every person who played a role in the fire. For example, when the burn stemmed from a house fire set through one person’s criminal act, that person would be civilly liable for ensuing damages.

However, when a fire starts due to an electrical short inside the building’s walls, the fault for an ensuing burn may lie with the contractor who built the house, the electrician who installed the wiring, the landlord who managed the property, or a combination of these. Support from a knowledgeable lawyer could be vital to holding the right people accountable for a burn injury in Media.

Get in Touch with a Media Burn Injury Attorney

Even when you know exactly who caused your burn and what losses you need to recover as a result, actually obtaining the money you should be owed by law can be far from a simple process. When there are any complicating factors in your case, help from an experienced legal professional with the claims process is essential.

A knowledgeable Media burn injury lawyer is ready and available to guide you through your claim and get the best result possible from your lawsuit or settlement demand. Learn more by calling today.