It is no secret that drunk driving is dangerous and deadly. Despite efforts by law enforcement to curb the number of people driving under the influence on our roadways, they cannot catch everyone. Far too many people across Pennsylvania make the choice to drink and drive. The results of their decisions can change so many people’s lives. You need to know where to turn if you are injured by a drunk driver.

If you need a drunk driving accident attorney, you can count on the Dan Doyle Law Group to be by your side, working to secure compensation for your damages and injuries.

The Numbers

There were thousands of vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania during the latest reporting year. Perhaps none are as deadly as the ones caused by drunken drivers. Did you know that 26 percent of all traffic-related deaths in Pennsylvania are the result of an alcohol-impaired driver? That number has not changed much over the years. In 2017, there were:

  • 10,346 alcohol-related crashes
  • 4,908 alcohol-related crash injuries
  • 293 alcohol-related crash fatalities

Drunk driving accidents often cause serious injuries. Most of the time, these accidents happen at high speeds and the driver rarely slows down before an impact. Drunk drivers can cause major harm to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians as well. It is not uncommon to see the following injuries:

  • Major head and brain trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries (paralysis is common)
  • Massive internal organ damage
  • Severe lacerations or amputations
  • Whiplash injuries

We want to point out that even minor accident injuries can lead to major medical expenses. If there is a major injury like one of the ones above, the costs can become unmanageable without a large insurance settlement. Unfortunately, there are many accident-related costs aside from those related to medical expenses. These include lost wages if a victim cannot work as well as a loss of enjoyment of life.

Note: We want to point out that you could also recover damages from a person who continued to serve a drunk driver after they were already visibly intoxicated under Pennsylvania’s dram shop and liquor liability laws. This could also be the case to anyone who serves a person under the age of 21 any alcoholic beverages.

Steps You Can Take Now

The police will handle the criminal part of a case involving a drunk driver, but that does not help you if that driver’s actions have caused you harm. You will be left with medical expenses, lost income and benefits if you cannot work, pain and suffering damages, and more.